Desperate for Date Night

Yes, people – hubby and I were in dire need of a date night.  And I was desperate to wear something other than sweats, drink wine out of an actual glass instead of sippy cups and not have a baby attached to my hip.

No date night for mama

My permanent accessory...Baby J

Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

It was a Tuesday night.  And apparently every sitter in Tulsa County was babysitting someone else or else ignoring my calls.  Because I called every single one of them. 

I was not to be deterred.  I wanted OUT OF THE HOUSE.

So what does a desperate housewife do?  What every good mom would do – schlep her kid to the bar. 

No date night for mama

Baby J is NOT happy about this.. Date Night with A Baby -

 Actually, we had to go to a Chamber of Commerce event first….(my hubby is kinda a big deal.  I think I used to be before I become barefoot and pregnant living on the farm…)  I am pretty sure Baby J was the first baby ever to attend a Chamber cocktail party

. But alas, nothing can ever go easy in my life.  First I had to pick up the dogs from the vet.  I’m all dressed up in my Sunday best – as I,m trying to haul my 100 pound Doberman into the car. He wanted no part of it.  And my Frenchy decided she wanted to run off.  And I have a baby in the car.  Who is crying.  It was quite a sight.

 Thank goodness for the people in the parking lot who took pity upon me (I must have looked very desperate) and helped hoist Otto into the car and wrangled Izzy from the ten other dogs she was trying to play with.

  Finally, on my way to the Chamber event. 

Well, not so much.  Otto decided to crawl over Baby J to get out of the car.  Think blood curdling screams, blood all over Josie and mom absolutely freaking out.  She has blood and claw marks all over her.  I am beside myself.

 So clean the baby up, throw dogs in the house – then  drive my frazzled self and injured baby to the Chamber event.  I warn Shane of my mood before I get there.  Shane thinks maybe it isn’t a good idea for us to come.

But DAMMIT.  I just want a glass of wine and to be around grownups for two seconds…IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK???

Okay – So Shane keeps his mouth shut.

So my goal was for everyone else to hold Baby J while I flitted around socializing pretending I was back in the working world and more importantly, drinking wine from the bar.But Baby J wasn’t the least bit interested in socializing with anyone else but mama. 

 Of course not.  I am destined to have her perched on my hip at all times.

And so goes the rest of the night.  Think meltdowns (from mommy, not baby), a frazzled husband and a cranky baby.  Probably the most unromantic, undate- like night in the history of date nights.

Date Night with a Baby

Date Night with a Baby. Oxymoron of all proportions

 But, I did get my wine.  Lots of it.  And a big ol headache the next morning.  Baby J decided to wake up extra early too. 

 Her way of telling me “I told you so…” 

Karma’s a bitch.

And the Winner Is…(tips for looking younger giveaways!)

Yes, we have two lucky winners for my  Marnie’s Mommy Moment’stips for looking younger contest!

And believe me, I had to resist temptation to keep the giveaways and pretend my dog ate them….

Thanks to everyone who entered and gave feedback on my site.  I had fun reading everyone’s comments…and learned a few more things about how to fight this dang aging thing.

But now – on to the winners…

1.  Winner of the Ihloff Salon and Day Spa facial…..ALAYNA REYNOLDS!

2.  Winner of the Avon Anew gift package….YVONNE LONG!

Woo hoo/ Cheer/Clap/Hoop and Holler

And thanks to my handy helper Nicholas for drawing the names from the hopper.  Good job buddy.

Nicholas helping me with looking younger contest

Another Look YOunger tip: Eat lots of fiber. 🙂

Winners – I will be in touch today on how to get you your goodies. 

Now for the rest of you – if you missed Baby J’s and my TV segment – here ya go.  Hopefully you can hear the tips over Baby J’s babbling….

And for more info check out my last post:

And special thanks to Jillian Ihloff from Ihloff Salon and Day Spa and Stacie McFarlin of Avon…you girls rock. 

And yeah – one week until I turn FORTY.  BRING IT ON…I’m ready. 🙂

Help for the Haggard Mommy – Tips for Looking Younger

They say that having kids keeps you young.  WHATEVER.  I call Bull—- on that one.

If that theory was true, then I should look about 21.

Who makes up this stuff anyway?  Whoever “they” are obviously don’t have children.   Or mirrors.

So, as I am rapidly approaching my 40th…YIKES…and feeling every bit of it….this tired and haggard mama has decided to take a stand.

(Just go back a few posts to read why I’m so haggard.  You will be too from just reading it.

anti aging tips for mommies

One tired and haggard mommy

I’m not going down without a fight.

So I have decided to share the wealth and offer some tips (sans nip and tucks – that just scares the bejeezus out of me)…for looking younger.  And even better?  I’m gonna give away some of this awesomeness I have discovered.  Just post a comment on my blog by Friday April 15th and you will be entered in a drawing to win…drumroll please…

1.  A anti-aging facial with plant peel from Ihloff Salon and Day Spa (value – $140)

2. A anti-aging gift set from Avon (value- $100)

That’s pretty nice of  me huh?  I thought so.  You can thank me later.

So I’m going to share some of my tips I have discovered – I spent a day of “research” at the Ihloff Salon and Day Spa (tough job, but hey, someone’s gotta do it) and I’ve spent several weeks sampling products from Avon’s ANEW line.  People, this is NOT your mother’s Avon.  They’ve got some pretty awesome stuff.  Plus I’ve done some research on some other easy ways to fight this whole getting older thing.  Feel free to forward on the love.

Marn’s Tips For Fighting the Ages


            Always use sunscreen – this is an oldie but goodie.  I wish I had listened back in the days of laying out with baby oil on trampolines with my high school friends.  We were idiots. 😦  I  recommend Avon’s Anew Rejuvinate Day Revitalizing Cream – SPF 25  -this stuff is the bomb and you can use it as your moisturizer too.

            Use products with retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids – you may have heard this word before because they work.  This is where the Avon line has some really awesome stuff that won’t break the pocket-book.  I’ve been using their ANEW night cream with alpha hydroxy.  Love it.  You can feel it working.

            Get a peel to address uneven tone, rough texture and enlarged pores – So I had this done at Ihloff (by Ashley) and I loved it so much they are donating it to one of you lucky ducks.  Not only does it feel amazing to have your face massaged for oh- about an hour – my face is still glowing. 

This anti-aging facial is clinically proven to lift and firm your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It also includes their Perfecting Plant Peel which is equivalent of a 30% glycolic peel, but without the redness and irritation of other glycolic peels.  For best results, it is also recommended that the Green Science home care system are used in conjunction with this in-salon program.

ANti aging tips for mommies

Yes, that is me at Ihloff Salon and Day Spa getting the anti-aging facial. Yes those are tea bags. Who knew they had so many uses?

              Don’t use face powder – this can make you look older b/c the powder settles into fine lines and can make skin look dull.  And we certainly don’t want that.

              Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks – not the contours like we have been told in the past.  This makes you look hallow.


            Always use an eye cream – I have been using the Avon Clinical Eye Lift for months and LOVE IT.  And it is only a fraction of the price of the department store creams.  Only $28.  Then you can spend the rest of the money on shoes. 

            Fix saggy lids by using a medium deep shade of shadow – and apply in the crease for an instant eye lift.

            Use a product spefically for Crow’s Feet – I use the crow’s feet corrector from Avon. 

           Use tea bags to de-puff your eyes – but let them cool down first.  🙂


            Exfoliate once a week – I had the anti aging cocoa body scrub at Ihloff.  OMG is all I have to say.  Not only did it feel heavenly to have someone else rub it in – I smelled like a brownie for the rest of the day.   Cocoa has lots of antioxidants (yay for chocolate!) that gets absorbed into your body while at the same time sloughing off the dead skin.  I am glowing from head to toe.  Just make sure to moisturize as soon as you finish.

*Ihloff also carries scrubs that you can buy and use in the shower (although I recommend Heather – she is fabulous). 

(Another fun tip – use a toothbrush to exfoliate your lips…then put on your lip balm.  Lips feel so soft!)

Looking younger tips for mommies

Heaven. A cocoa body scrub. I smelled like a brownie. A younger looking brownie

            Don’t use lotions that contain petroleum jelly and/or mineral oil – Ihloff only uses Aveda products – so they are plant-based.  Their hand and foot relief creams are amazing.  

            Treat forgotten parts (whatever product/sunscreen you use on face, use on neck and chest / use sunscreen on hands).

            Use product w/ retinol and peptides to reduce neck wrinkles – because who wants to look like a shar pei?


            Massage scalp and/or brush daily to stimulate hair growth/shine – this was a new one for me – Lauren, the awesome hair designer at Ihloff clued me in on this tip (as she was rubbing my scalp…bliss…)

            Wash hair every other day – ummm… for us moms who getting in a weekly shower is huge – this should be a no-brainer.

            Deep condition once a week – and if you can afford it – go visit Lauren at Ihloff for a decadent hair spa treatment. 

Anti aging tips for mommies

My hair is turning younger as we speak...

            Use leave-in conditioner everyday –recommend Aveda Damage Control – it doesn’t weigh your hair down.

            Bangs give instant facelift – Just don’t cut them yourself. 🙂  I recommend Lauren at Ihloff.  She rocks. 


            Eat an orange a day to help prevent wrinkles– Apparently women who had an orange a day have 11% fewer wrinkles.  Fresh OJ anyone?

            Take Omega -3 supplement daily to keep skin soft and supple – just don’t take it hiking with you.  Bears tend to be drawn to the fish oil.  Learned this the hard way. 

            Drink one glass of green tea a day to prevent/reverse sun damage – Easy peasy!  I love this stuff anyway. 

            Sleep on back or on silk pillowcase to reduce wrinkles – (I snore, so sleeping on my back is not an option. 🙂 

Here is the website to the Avon products – Stacie will even deliver to your door – no extra charge! –

And the Ihloff Salon and Day Spa.  They have two locations in Tulsa, one in Norman and even in KC!

I also found lots of other tips on looking younger from Prevention Magazine (yes, horror of horrors – when did I get old enough to read this??) 

Don’t forget to post a comment on my blog between now and April 15th so you can win!

Anti aging tips for mommies

The finished product. Thanks Ihloff Salon and Day Spa!

March on Mommies!   We don’t have to go down gracefully.

Is this Stop “Strollerworthy?”

Any mom’s out there sick and tired of lugging kids, carseats, strollers in and out of cars?  Umm – yeah, that would be all of you.  If you said no – YOU ARE LYING THROUGH YOUR TEETH. 

Well, my dear friend, fellow writer, Texan and mother of seven year old twins girls – Allison Speer came to visit me a few weeks back.  Now that her kiddos are mobile – she had quickly forgotton what a FREAKING pain it is to lug the babies around.  In fact – our experience lugging Baby J all around creation inspired her to write a guest post on my blog.  After a few beers.  Here ya go –

Carseat, Stroller or Carry - all equal back pain

Baby J's living the life at this Stroller- Worthy Stop

Is This Stop Stollerworthy? – By Allison Speer –

 Marnie and I were shopping in Tulsa’s Utica Square yesterday, and although we had pulled sweet baby Josie out of her cozy car seat to tote her in and out of several shops while pulling out our backs, we deemed one stop “Strollerworthy.”

 This term sent me flying back 7 years ago to my infant mommy years when I had to make this decision on a daily basis. Strollerworthy or not? I have limited recollection of those times (because I either blocked them or drank them out of my memory) but I managed to find one card in the catalog. There were certain criteria I followed to determine what made an excursion strollerworthy. For moms who have not yet made a similar list of their own, fear not. Your life is about to be blissful. Get to a laminator pronto, because you’ll want to have this posted on your vehicle dashboard for easy reference.
1. Does the trip require you to touch something? In otherwords, if you’re going into Anthropologie like Marnie and I did, and your fingers yearn to reach out and touch the clothes, candles and baubles, consider it STROLLERWORTHY.
2. Are you going to be inside longer than 20 minutes? Baby – or babies, as was in my case with the twins — is going to get antsy in about 10 minutes unless you’re one of those uber-prepared moms (who we hate) with shaky toys, teething toys, a bottle, and a small meal ready to whip out when Baby makes a peep. Longer than 20 minutes equals Strollerworthy.
3. Are you going to be imbibing? Whether it’s at a girlfriend’s house for some mommy time out, or at your favorite local bar (yes, people take babies to bars. Marnie is a pro), you need your hands free for 12-ounce nutrition. Strap in the baby. It’s strollerworthy.
4. Are you doing the drop-n-drive? If you’re doing anything that involves the words “dropping off,” “running in,” or “picking up,” you have no business hauling the stroller out of your trunk.
5. Do you have more than one little angel that you’re toting around? Their ages will definitely come into play. IF you have a walker who can push the stroller, you’re in luck. Pop it into place and teach that kid some independence while you pretend it’s someone else’s kids following behind you down the Target aisle. If you practice yoga breathing and focus on the can of tomatoes in front of you, it really works. Warning: Too many yoga breaths will cause you to hyperventilate and possibly faint, at which case the paramedics might strap you in a stroller, so just breathe wisely.
6. Finally, do you have twins? Triplets? An affirmative answer puts you on the “Always strollerworthy” list. Sorry sister, add an extra 10 minutes to each stop, ‘cause you’re whipping it out wherever you go. But here’s a mini-checklist just for you mothers of multiples. Not that I have experience with any of these mishaps (none that I can remember, anyway) but they’re things you’ll want to ask yourself before you pop and push.

But carseats are heavy too!

This is NOT a stroller-worthy stop. When will someone invent lightweight carseats? Pretty please?

1. Do I have my purse?
2. Do I have my keys?
3. Do I have both/all three babies in the stroller ? (This may be the most important question.)
4. Do I have additional food and entertainment?
5. Did I shut the car door? (Definitely no experience with this one).
6. Do I really have time for this stop?
After a few practice trips, you’ll have your strollerworthy criteria memorized in no time, and your day’s stressful decisions will be diminished considerably. May the brakes on your stroller wheels always work, and may the cup holder on the handle always be full of your favorite adult refreshment.

Stroller worthy when you have child labor

This is when child labor comes in handy.

And if you are breastfeeding – check back in my archives on Marnie’s TOp Five Places to Breastfeed.  It’s another great list.

Amen Aunt Allie.  Baby J thanks you for lugging her around.