And the Winner Is…(tips for looking younger giveaways!)

Yes, we have two lucky winners for my  Marnie’s Mommy Moment’stips for looking younger contest!

And believe me, I had to resist temptation to keep the giveaways and pretend my dog ate them….

Thanks to everyone who entered and gave feedback on my site.  I had fun reading everyone’s comments…and learned a few more things about how to fight this dang aging thing.

But now – on to the winners…

1.  Winner of the Ihloff Salon and Day Spa facial…..ALAYNA REYNOLDS!

2.  Winner of the Avon Anew gift package….YVONNE LONG!

Woo hoo/ Cheer/Clap/Hoop and Holler

And thanks to my handy helper Nicholas for drawing the names from the hopper.  Good job buddy.

Nicholas helping me with looking younger contest

Another Look YOunger tip: Eat lots of fiber. 🙂

Winners – I will be in touch today on how to get you your goodies. 

Now for the rest of you – if you missed Baby J’s and my TV segment – here ya go.  Hopefully you can hear the tips over Baby J’s babbling….

And for more info check out my last post:

And special thanks to Jillian Ihloff from Ihloff Salon and Day Spa and Stacie McFarlin of Avon…you girls rock. 

And yeah – one week until I turn FORTY.  BRING IT ON…I’m ready. 🙂

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