Help for the Haggard Mommy – Tips for Looking Younger

They say that having kids keeps you young.  WHATEVER.  I call Bull—- on that one.

If that theory was true, then I should look about 21.

Who makes up this stuff anyway?  Whoever “they” are obviously don’t have children.   Or mirrors.

So, as I am rapidly approaching my 40th…YIKES…and feeling every bit of it….this tired and haggard mama has decided to take a stand.

(Just go back a few posts to read why I’m so haggard.  You will be too from just reading it.

anti aging tips for mommies

One tired and haggard mommy

I’m not going down without a fight.

So I have decided to share the wealth and offer some tips (sans nip and tucks – that just scares the bejeezus out of me)…for looking younger.  And even better?  I’m gonna give away some of this awesomeness I have discovered.  Just post a comment on my blog by Friday April 15th and you will be entered in a drawing to win…drumroll please…

1.  A anti-aging facial with plant peel from Ihloff Salon and Day Spa (value – $140)

2. A anti-aging gift set from Avon (value- $100)

That’s pretty nice of  me huh?  I thought so.  You can thank me later.

So I’m going to share some of my tips I have discovered – I spent a day of “research” at the Ihloff Salon and Day Spa (tough job, but hey, someone’s gotta do it) and I’ve spent several weeks sampling products from Avon’s ANEW line.  People, this is NOT your mother’s Avon.  They’ve got some pretty awesome stuff.  Plus I’ve done some research on some other easy ways to fight this whole getting older thing.  Feel free to forward on the love.

Marn’s Tips For Fighting the Ages


            Always use sunscreen – this is an oldie but goodie.  I wish I had listened back in the days of laying out with baby oil on trampolines with my high school friends.  We were idiots. 😦  I  recommend Avon’s Anew Rejuvinate Day Revitalizing Cream – SPF 25  -this stuff is the bomb and you can use it as your moisturizer too.

            Use products with retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids – you may have heard this word before because they work.  This is where the Avon line has some really awesome stuff that won’t break the pocket-book.  I’ve been using their ANEW night cream with alpha hydroxy.  Love it.  You can feel it working.

            Get a peel to address uneven tone, rough texture and enlarged pores – So I had this done at Ihloff (by Ashley) and I loved it so much they are donating it to one of you lucky ducks.  Not only does it feel amazing to have your face massaged for oh- about an hour – my face is still glowing. 

This anti-aging facial is clinically proven to lift and firm your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It also includes their Perfecting Plant Peel which is equivalent of a 30% glycolic peel, but without the redness and irritation of other glycolic peels.  For best results, it is also recommended that the Green Science home care system are used in conjunction with this in-salon program.

ANti aging tips for mommies

Yes, that is me at Ihloff Salon and Day Spa getting the anti-aging facial. Yes those are tea bags. Who knew they had so many uses?

              Don’t use face powder – this can make you look older b/c the powder settles into fine lines and can make skin look dull.  And we certainly don’t want that.

              Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks – not the contours like we have been told in the past.  This makes you look hallow.


            Always use an eye cream – I have been using the Avon Clinical Eye Lift for months and LOVE IT.  And it is only a fraction of the price of the department store creams.  Only $28.  Then you can spend the rest of the money on shoes. 

            Fix saggy lids by using a medium deep shade of shadow – and apply in the crease for an instant eye lift.

            Use a product spefically for Crow’s Feet – I use the crow’s feet corrector from Avon. 

           Use tea bags to de-puff your eyes – but let them cool down first.  🙂


            Exfoliate once a week – I had the anti aging cocoa body scrub at Ihloff.  OMG is all I have to say.  Not only did it feel heavenly to have someone else rub it in – I smelled like a brownie for the rest of the day.   Cocoa has lots of antioxidants (yay for chocolate!) that gets absorbed into your body while at the same time sloughing off the dead skin.  I am glowing from head to toe.  Just make sure to moisturize as soon as you finish.

*Ihloff also carries scrubs that you can buy and use in the shower (although I recommend Heather – she is fabulous). 

(Another fun tip – use a toothbrush to exfoliate your lips…then put on your lip balm.  Lips feel so soft!)

Looking younger tips for mommies

Heaven. A cocoa body scrub. I smelled like a brownie. A younger looking brownie

            Don’t use lotions that contain petroleum jelly and/or mineral oil – Ihloff only uses Aveda products – so they are plant-based.  Their hand and foot relief creams are amazing.  

            Treat forgotten parts (whatever product/sunscreen you use on face, use on neck and chest / use sunscreen on hands).

            Use product w/ retinol and peptides to reduce neck wrinkles – because who wants to look like a shar pei?


            Massage scalp and/or brush daily to stimulate hair growth/shine – this was a new one for me – Lauren, the awesome hair designer at Ihloff clued me in on this tip (as she was rubbing my scalp…bliss…)

            Wash hair every other day – ummm… for us moms who getting in a weekly shower is huge – this should be a no-brainer.

            Deep condition once a week – and if you can afford it – go visit Lauren at Ihloff for a decadent hair spa treatment. 

Anti aging tips for mommies

My hair is turning younger as we speak...

            Use leave-in conditioner everyday –recommend Aveda Damage Control – it doesn’t weigh your hair down.

            Bangs give instant facelift – Just don’t cut them yourself. 🙂  I recommend Lauren at Ihloff.  She rocks. 


            Eat an orange a day to help prevent wrinkles– Apparently women who had an orange a day have 11% fewer wrinkles.  Fresh OJ anyone?

            Take Omega -3 supplement daily to keep skin soft and supple – just don’t take it hiking with you.  Bears tend to be drawn to the fish oil.  Learned this the hard way. 

            Drink one glass of green tea a day to prevent/reverse sun damage – Easy peasy!  I love this stuff anyway. 

            Sleep on back or on silk pillowcase to reduce wrinkles – (I snore, so sleeping on my back is not an option. 🙂 

Here is the website to the Avon products – Stacie will even deliver to your door – no extra charge! –

And the Ihloff Salon and Day Spa.  They have two locations in Tulsa, one in Norman and even in KC!

I also found lots of other tips on looking younger from Prevention Magazine (yes, horror of horrors – when did I get old enough to read this??) 

Don’t forget to post a comment on my blog between now and April 15th so you can win!

Anti aging tips for mommies

The finished product. Thanks Ihloff Salon and Day Spa!

March on Mommies!   We don’t have to go down gracefully.

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74 thoughts on “Help for the Haggard Mommy – Tips for Looking Younger

  1. Woooohooo! Go Stacie!!!
    I have read Prevention since my early twenties, and love it (wait a minute… I’m still in my twenties ;)). It’s not just for the oldies.

    • Thanks Kari! I love the toothbrush tip too – I do it all the time. my lips ALWAYS flake and crack – so this helps ALOT. Got your name in the drawing – thanks for reading my friend. 🙂

  2. Wow..that is a lot of stuff to remember. What happened to just showering and washing you hair and face. I don’t like getting older…especially if I have to do all of this stuff to stay looking young! YIKES. However…I would be happy to let someone else (hint hint) do this stuff to me or for me!
    I love it that you got some time look super fab as always!

    Love me some Marilyn Ihloff…hope I win! Hugs, Shannon

    • Oh, I love you Ms. Shannon. I know – it is so much work to look young. 🙂 Except the not washing my hair part – I have that one down PAT. 🙂 GOod luck my friend – we will do the drawing on Friday!

  3. Wow, sounds like a wonderful day that any mom would enjoy! Thanks for all the tips, some I’ve seen others I’ve forgotten – great to have them all together in one spot!

  4. Great tips! I always like product suggestions and I’m glad many of the tips you found are easy, at home jobs like enjoying an orange (check) and green tea (check). But I also learned new tips: stopping my face powder use STAT and seaching for products with retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids soon. Fun post, Marnie!

    • Thanks Leah! I learned some new stuff too – face powder was one of them – so was the orange. I will be eating lots of them in the future. 🙂 Thanks for reading Leah – and good luck on the drawing!

  5. You obviously follow your own advice…Had no idea you are approaching 40! You look absolutely fabulous, dahling!

  6. thanks for the tips, hopefully it’s not too late for this old dog to learn some new tricks. Forty is just a memory, and rapidly approaching 50. Running with and after my two teenage boys keeps me feeling young(er), this spa treatment might just be the ticket to looking younger.

  7. tip for looking younger: Good eye cream EVERY NIGHT and a good colorist for your hair – as we age, our hair color gets duller (plus the greys!) so good color/cut/highlights is key. At least for me. 🙂

    and, Pick me pick me pick me!!

    • Yes to both! I use eyecream twice daily – and I can tell a huge difference. And yes, I get my hair cut and highlighted every 8 weeks…so far, I can’t see any gray. 🙂 I’ve got your name in the hopper – we will do the drawing on Friday! Thanks for reading Becky!

  8. Staying relaxed has become extremely important to me over the last year, and what better way to relax than a facial!!! Clary Sage has become my friend because let’s face it, those in the communications field aren’t rolling in the dough. I would love to get a real facial at Ihloff…for FREE….for my 30th birthday, which is less than 8 weeks away. Ugh.

  9. In an effort to look younger I just bought an egg white based soap from Sweden… its actually pretty good… better than actually putting egg whites directly on your face!

    Looks like you had a good time trying to reverse the clock – even though you don’t need to!

  10. So since I am one of your fellow idiotic High School friends who led the way with the baby oil on the trampoline, I will happily apply the tips you have provided as my new decade quickly approaches. You are quite the journalist my friend…so proud of you! Keep up the happy writing! And the countdown has begun…11 would be the right number, right???

    • Yes, hope you weren’t offended….I meant it in a loving way…I love my fellow high school friends – even though we were idiots. 🙂 Can you believe we are almost 40? I just can’t get over it. Our parents are 40 fo crying out loud…love you!

  11. Thanks so much for the tips! It helps to be reminded of this stuff. Ever since I became a mom, I seem to forget even the basics to looking young…Also, I’m just glad your blog wasn’t about some crazy lady trying to give Baby J a carrot at the RC Kick-off! Sorry about that! 🙂

  12. Way to go Marnie! Good tips. You just forgot one thing…when do us moms find the time for all this? LOL. You look great!

  13. Would love to win! Stacie McFarlin is the greatest AVON rep ever and I ❤ her!!! Your blog is so funny and the sunscreen tip is words I live by!

  14. As a mother of two girls, a Tween and a 13 mo. old, I am up and down all day and feeling old! In my effort to look younger I am trying to drink more water, but a Spa day sure would help and products from the Best Avon Rep EVER – Stacie McFarlin!!! Thank you for all the helpful tips girls.

  15. Hey Marnie! I love that. Ihloff is such a fantastic place to be pampered and relax. It looks like you had a great day. Plus I love the tips, but there is no way I could skip washing my hair, to much dirt and grass gets in there daily! LOL Funny, but true! Thanks for all the great info.
    Love you girlie!!!

    • Hey girl! Yep, in your line of work – not washing your hair daily could be hazardous. 🙂 So how is it going? Did the Rick Wells thing help you? I hope all is well – thanks for reading my blog!

      • Oh Thanks for asking, it is going….slow and steady wins the race as they say. 🙂 Yes the Rick Wells story did help. Not as I thought it would – only three calls from it and none hired me – lol! But it was some much needed exposure. Thank you so much for setting it up. It has been a huge blessing to me and my family.
        Love you tons!

  16. I love reading your articles in Tulsa Kids! We are so on the same path right now- kid wise!!!! Hanging on for dear life some days! I’m using Monavie wt loss program (very healthy and helping me feel great- perfect for this busy mom that forgets to eat- well the good for you stuff anyway!!) and the active juice also. I’ve seen such a difference!!

      • Yes I do love it- meal replacement shake is very good and SO easy! Which I really what I need right now- helps my chocolate cravings and really keeps me full! They juice has helped me have less head aches too…I’d be happy to share and let you try some if you want- let me know!

  17. Thx Marn for all the great tips! I am going to buy a sack of oranges tomorrow!!! U look fantastic as always! XO

  18. Great post with some great tips (especially the sunscreen). I love the Avon Anew line (I like the way it smells) and I love Stacie. Thanks for the info and the giveaway!

  19. Holy cow. You look awesome! And thank you for the visuals, they always help motivate me.
    ps…I did cut my own bangs!

  20. Just love the Avon eye cream!! Stacie is really the best Avon rep too!! So friendly and always willing to help you with what you need. 🙂

  21. Stacie McFarlin is the Best Rep ever! I remember my mom buying avon products when I was little and watching the rep show my mom how to wear certain makeups and my dog would have his nose burried in the rep’s bag. I love Avon products and I to need to start watching my skin lines in fact I just go to Stacie’s Avon site and order some now. Thanks this blog is awesome!!!

  22. I have been using the Anew products for a few months now. I started using it because of dry patches on my cheeks. Now my face is soft and young!! 🙂 Stacie McFarlin is by far the BEST Avon rep!!

  23. Neutrogena bar soap is wonderful. I know, it seems so old fashioned, but that stuff is inexpensive, doesn’t smell funny, and really keeps your skin clean! Also, Cera V AM facial lotion with 30 SPF. I’m an SPF junkie! That and I hate the idea of a melanoma anywhere on my body. I even put it on the kids before school!

  24. Thanks for the tips, Marnie! I’m starting my daily “age defying” list right now! I need every tip I can get. I may be a mother of two-year-old twin boys, but I don’t have to look as haggard as I feel most days.

  25. Great tips Marnie! Mary Kay Satinlips is awesome for dry chapped lips…smooth as a babies bottom. LOL. You look amazing & your stories are too funny.

  26. I love it! I agree that none of us mommies should go down the age path without a fight!!! Thanks for all the helpful hints!!

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