Is this Stop “Strollerworthy?”

Any mom’s out there sick and tired of lugging kids, carseats, strollers in and out of cars?  Umm – yeah, that would be all of you.  If you said no – YOU ARE LYING THROUGH YOUR TEETH. 

Well, my dear friend, fellow writer, Texan and mother of seven year old twins girls – Allison Speer came to visit me a few weeks back.  Now that her kiddos are mobile – she had quickly forgotton what a FREAKING pain it is to lug the babies around.  In fact – our experience lugging Baby J all around creation inspired her to write a guest post on my blog.  After a few beers.  Here ya go –

Carseat, Stroller or Carry - all equal back pain

Baby J's living the life at this Stroller- Worthy Stop

Is This Stop Stollerworthy? – By Allison Speer –

 Marnie and I were shopping in Tulsa’s Utica Square yesterday, and although we had pulled sweet baby Josie out of her cozy car seat to tote her in and out of several shops while pulling out our backs, we deemed one stop “Strollerworthy.”

 This term sent me flying back 7 years ago to my infant mommy years when I had to make this decision on a daily basis. Strollerworthy or not? I have limited recollection of those times (because I either blocked them or drank them out of my memory) but I managed to find one card in the catalog. There were certain criteria I followed to determine what made an excursion strollerworthy. For moms who have not yet made a similar list of their own, fear not. Your life is about to be blissful. Get to a laminator pronto, because you’ll want to have this posted on your vehicle dashboard for easy reference.
1. Does the trip require you to touch something? In otherwords, if you’re going into Anthropologie like Marnie and I did, and your fingers yearn to reach out and touch the clothes, candles and baubles, consider it STROLLERWORTHY.
2. Are you going to be inside longer than 20 minutes? Baby – or babies, as was in my case with the twins — is going to get antsy in about 10 minutes unless you’re one of those uber-prepared moms (who we hate) with shaky toys, teething toys, a bottle, and a small meal ready to whip out when Baby makes a peep. Longer than 20 minutes equals Strollerworthy.
3. Are you going to be imbibing? Whether it’s at a girlfriend’s house for some mommy time out, or at your favorite local bar (yes, people take babies to bars. Marnie is a pro), you need your hands free for 12-ounce nutrition. Strap in the baby. It’s strollerworthy.
4. Are you doing the drop-n-drive? If you’re doing anything that involves the words “dropping off,” “running in,” or “picking up,” you have no business hauling the stroller out of your trunk.
5. Do you have more than one little angel that you’re toting around? Their ages will definitely come into play. IF you have a walker who can push the stroller, you’re in luck. Pop it into place and teach that kid some independence while you pretend it’s someone else’s kids following behind you down the Target aisle. If you practice yoga breathing and focus on the can of tomatoes in front of you, it really works. Warning: Too many yoga breaths will cause you to hyperventilate and possibly faint, at which case the paramedics might strap you in a stroller, so just breathe wisely.
6. Finally, do you have twins? Triplets? An affirmative answer puts you on the “Always strollerworthy” list. Sorry sister, add an extra 10 minutes to each stop, ‘cause you’re whipping it out wherever you go. But here’s a mini-checklist just for you mothers of multiples. Not that I have experience with any of these mishaps (none that I can remember, anyway) but they’re things you’ll want to ask yourself before you pop and push.

But carseats are heavy too!

This is NOT a stroller-worthy stop. When will someone invent lightweight carseats? Pretty please?

1. Do I have my purse?
2. Do I have my keys?
3. Do I have both/all three babies in the stroller ? (This may be the most important question.)
4. Do I have additional food and entertainment?
5. Did I shut the car door? (Definitely no experience with this one).
6. Do I really have time for this stop?
After a few practice trips, you’ll have your strollerworthy criteria memorized in no time, and your day’s stressful decisions will be diminished considerably. May the brakes on your stroller wheels always work, and may the cup holder on the handle always be full of your favorite adult refreshment.

Stroller worthy when you have child labor

This is when child labor comes in handy.

And if you are breastfeeding – check back in my archives on Marnie’s TOp Five Places to Breastfeed.  It’s another great list.

Amen Aunt Allie.  Baby J thanks you for lugging her around.

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2 thoughts on “Is this Stop “Strollerworthy?”

  1. So unfair that this post is six years too late to be useful for me I could’ve used a checklist when I was toting my 2 two yr old and infant twins around. I took my beast of a double stroller everywhere–mist of the time with all three kids in it. I like the inclusion of the kid counting in the checklist. I LITERALLY did that all the time. With the sleep deprivation I was dealing with, I’m surprised I could count to three.

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