Marnie’s Top Five Places to Breastfeed…

Since life with Baby J isn’t conducive for blogging (much less anything else that doesn’t involve a boob) I thought since breastfeeding is my new life, I would jot down a few of my most interesting places that I’ve fed my chubby darlin’.  Sorry men, maybe when I get out of this phase, you will be able to handle my posts.

So here goes:

(First of all, I have to add an honorable mention – my brother’s house – or my midtown feeding station.  I only list this because I must admit I get a kick out of embarrassing the heck out of my brother when he comes home to find his sister hanging out topless).

#5 – In front of a pig stand in Marietta, Oklahoma

            We were on our way to Texas for the weekend – had to pull over to feed and my hubby picked this place so he could get a good ham sammy while Baby J was enjoying her snack.  For any of you that have tried to breast feed in a car – you know that it is a rather awkward task to say the least.  I must say the pig farm was some good people watching…and I’m sure they got a good show too.

#4  – My parent’s house in Shawnee

            While this might not seem that interesting – every time I visit, mom invites her entire entourage of friends over to show off her precious grandchild.  Mom times it so they always show up while I am whipping out the girls.  I know most of these women have changed my diaper at one point or another, but still…not really wanting them to see me in my adult glory.

#3 – At a board meeting

            Yes, I must admit.  Something I thought I would NEVER do, but when you are desperate, you are desperate.  Thank goodness they were all women and all knew me but STILL. 

#2  – IN the Car Wash

            Okay Reeders on 21st and Lewis – that was me.  There was no one behind us and she was screaming bloody murder so what do you do?  We were pretty much camouflaged by the brushes and bubbles – but had to sit in there until she was finished.  Just glad they didn’t send in the troops to see what the holdup was….just FYI – the Works Carwash isn’t really enough time to feed your child…

#1 – A Confessional Booth

            .Really not kidding here.  I was at a funeral and couldn’t find a sitter.  I fed Josie right before, but of course she decided she needed some dessert right in the middle of the service.  I dashed out of the sanctuary to the first private place I could find – which just happened to be the priest confessional booth.  My fervent prayers worked, no clergy members walked in to what I would imagine would be a first.

Forgive me Father…

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3 thoughts on “Marnie’s Top Five Places to Breastfeed…

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    • Thanks Nicole! Yep – that has been a while…I stopped Breast feeding when she was six months (well, she stopped for me!) Anyway – those days seemed to last forever and you have to always be resourceful in finding places to breast feed. 🙂 Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who breast fed in a board meeting. 🙂

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