Back to School – What To Wear? (And Clothing Giveaway!)

“But MOM!  I don’t know what to wear today!”

This is a phrase heard often in our house (usually after the “MOM – I don’t WANT to go to school!  I think I’m sick…no really…BLECH.”)

Anyway.  For me to get four kids dressed and ready for school with clean underwear and matching socks (and frisk my youngest son for weapons he may have smuggled) is a Herculean task in itself – let alone looking cute and/or fashionable.

So I decided to ask for help.  I love having friends.

I grabbed seven of my friend’s adorable kiddos and had them go shopping for school clothes.   And they are going to make their modeling debut this morning on my TV segment – Marnie’s Mommy Moments on Fox23.  (Notice neither of my boys made the cut.  If anyone watched their last TV appearance – you will understand why).

Special thanks to my mommy friends – Sandy Willman, Kerry Mose, Heather Streich and Audra Glasgow (who also happens to be my awesome Sis-In-Law) for letting me borrow their kids.

And another special thanks to The Gap at Utica Square, The Lolly Garden, Dwelling Spaces, Pottery Barn Kids and Vintage Couture for providing all the fabulous clothes.

And even better –  comment on my blog by Friday, September 2  for a chance to win a GC from the lovely ladies (Kara and Kerry) from Vintage Couture  and a GC from Dwelling Spaces!  Yeah!  I love giving things away.  And also – GAP is having a 40% off selected styles starting tomorrow! (Tues. Aug. 30).

So – here we go – Fashion Show!  Fashion Show!  Fashion Show! (that’s for all you “Office” fans…)

Meet the Models:

Thanks to all my adorable models!

Hadley Streich – Hadley is a 3rd grader at Regent Preparatory School of Oklahoma.  She modeling clothes from The Lolly Garden – located at Utica Square.

Jack Mose – Jack is a 1st Grader at Bixby North Elementary.  He is wearing the Cream Button-Down Shirt from the J collection of Vintage Couture–

Jade Fernandez – Jade is a 6th grader at Bixby North Elementary.  She is wearing an outfit from Gap Kids in Utica Square.

Josie Fernandez – (her little sidekick).  Too little for school, but too cute not too show off!  Josie is wearing the Retro Riot Baby set also from Vintage Couture.

Ryan Glasgow – Ryan is in PreK at Channing Day School.  He is wearing an adorable outfit also from The Lolly Garden at Utica Square.

Macy Mose – Macy is 5 years old and is in Kindergarten at Bixby North Elementary.
She is wearing the Serendipity Ruffle Dress from the Vintage Couture Collection.

And last but certainly NOT least – we have John Martin Willman.  John Martin is a 4th grader at Eliot Elementary.  He is wearing a very handsome outfit from Gap at Utica Square –

Me:  We ran out of kids – but I wanted to show off some other fun clothes from a local merchant in Downtown – called Dwelling Spaces – I have on a “Tulsa Rocks” shirt – they have Tulsa/ OKie Grown and all kinds of fun local love shirts in all different colors, sizes and even for babies!  Dwelling spaces also carries all kinds of fun accessories and jewelry made from local artists such as the fun tshirt scarf I am wearing to this handmade headband.

Websites for clothing merchants.

Vintage Couture (can order online or host a trunk show)

Gap Kids – located in Utica Square – 40% off select styles starting tomorrow!

Dwelling Spaces – 2nd and Detroit (downtown Tulsa) – comment on my blog to win a gift certificate!

The Lolly Garden – located in Utica Square (by Polo Grill)

Pottery Barn Kids – located in Utica Square.

Happy Shopping!

Fernandez Family Vacay. Goats, Chipmunks and Other Wildlife Known as Children.

I’m cutting myself a bit of slack here because I’m DOG TIRED.

School started last week and I have four kids in four different schools in three different towns.   Enough said.  Our family alone is causing a fossil fuel crisis. 

So instead of some cleverly written post (I have no brain cells left at this point), I’m just gonna post pics from our vacay to Colorado.  (Yes, I know we got back three weeks ago.  Give me a freaking break). 

Nanny and the Wild Animals Known as the Grandkids. On top of the Continental Divide.

However, not all is lost – I do have a giveaway!  This one is in honor of my nausea -free road trip.  This is huge people, I get carsick just by opening my eyes.  PSI Bands are the bomb.  Not only do they help motion/car sickness – they are great for morning sickness too. (Oh WHY didn’t I know about these things when I was pregnant??)

Anyway – just comment on my blog by Friday, Aug. 26 for a chance to win your own PSI Bands.  They are amazing.  Just put the cute little bands on your wrist…and viola!  You will feel much better.

Now – back to the vacay. 

Here’s a goody from our “Super Fun Family Hike”.   Where everyone got along and had a great time…(note sarcasm in my voice…). 

I’m thinking this should make the Christmas Card for sure.

Then there was our trip to the Jumping Good Goat Farm.  I’ll let your imaginations run wild with this one.

So if my writing gig doesn’t pan out – I now have a fallback. It’s harder than it looks, people.

Nicholas developed quite an affinity for the goats.  I’m thinking his dad should get him one for Christmas.

family vacation
“Mom! Can we keep him?” Ummm. That would be a no. A Hell No.

Tristan, on the other hand, was not impressed.

That would be Tristan.  SHirt over his head to avoid the smell.  Tip-toeing through the dirt to avoid the poop.  A farmer he would not make. 
Next, we went to St. Elmo’s (a cute little ghost town in the middle of freaking nowhere) to feed chipmunks.

Here chipmunk, chimpmunk...

Have I mentioned that Tristan is not an animal lover?

family vacation

Poor guy.

Josie apparently didn’t get it.

family vacation

No -no, Josie - FEED the chipmunk.

Family Fun Nights included games of Twister…

family games
Note: It is helpful to know your Right from Left if you are going to be successful at this game. Oh – and the flexibility of a rubber band is a nice bonus too.

You know you’ve had a good day when it ends like this.

family vacation

Seriously? My neck hurts just looking at this picture.

 The Water Park at Mount Princeton Hot Springs was a huge hit…

family vacation

Can't really tell, but we think this is one of ours...

family vacation
The only time when a pot belly and cellulite is considered adorable…

My dad’s cousin came to visit us at the cabin.  Her name is Gwen.  And she is awesome.  I hope I am half that awesome when I am her age.  She is the only one I know that can get all the grandkids to help cook dinner.  Seriously.  And I have proof.

family vacation
See, I wasn’t lying. Jade and Nicholas are SHELLING BEANS. We need a Gwen at our house.

 And my father – (bless his heart) kept trying to make a fisherman out of our “I’m Allergic to the Outdoors” son.

family vacation
Give it up, DadDad…
All in all – it was a successful vacay.  Other than an incident that involved petty theft and a trip to the police station…there were no major catastrophes. 
Maybe we are getting this travel thing down.  Finally.
Now if we could just do something about this.
family vacation

The Terrible Twos have kicked in. Eight months early. Joy.:)


Meet the Teacher. And other forms of Parent Torture.

If there is a Hell, then I’m pretty sure I’ve been there.

In fact – I just barely escaped – twisted ankle, diaperless baby and soaking wet to boot. 

This hell was in the form of Nicholas’s “Meet the Teacher Day”. 

It sounds rather innocent – right? 

Back to School

My big boy and Baby J on the way to meet the teacher. The calm before the storm.

Unless it’s 100 + degrees, you have no idea where you are going, you are going with your ex and his wife and there are about 5,000 other families crammed in one place just as confused as you are. 

Oh – and if you also wear high heels.  Because I didn’t realize we would be taking a ten-mile trek around the campus (which might I add is at least twice the size of my COLLEGE campus…and that  is just the elementary school). 

Oh -and you forget your baby stroller.  For the 10-mile trek in the 100 degree weather in your high heels carrying a very heavy and cranky toddler. 

I mean, it’s not like I could very well ask my ex to carry my baby now could I?  So he carries the school supplies and I schlep a 25 pound toddler(did I mention I was wearing heels?).

We were told to meet in the cafeteria.  Unfortunately, no one clued us in that Nic’s new school has FIVE of them.  And we show up at the wrong one.  And of course it was on the other side of the campus (ummm…anyone heard of signs?).

We finally made it to the right cafeteria.  Along with the rest of the population of West Tulsa County.  (Did I also mention that I live in EAST Tulsa?  But that’s a whole ‘nother blog). 

Seriously?  These are all going to be Nic’s classmates?  All 5,000 of them?  We are completely shell shocked.  It is worse than School Field Trip Day at the State Fair.  Minus the animal smells.

There are so many lines – you can’t tell what is what.  Or who is who.  And it is so hot my underwear is beginning to sweat. 

Lines for enrollment, lines for bus stops, lines for lunch program, lines for car tags.  You name it – there is a line.  unfortunately, there is no line for a bar.

Actually, having the exes came in quite handy – as we were able to divide and conquer the labyrinth of lines.  (gotta find the silver lining somewhere). 

Somehow, in the midst of the chaos – Baby J manages to take off her diaper.  Completely off.  It is gone.  And I’m not about to go looking for it in the sea of people.  Do I have another one with me?  Of course I don’t – because  it’s in the car –  which is 10 miles away.

We finally get the golden ticket.  We can actually go MEET the teacher (we had only been there for over an hour at this point).  And is his classroom in the same building?  Of course it’s not.  That would make things just way too easy.

Again, we trek to another part of the campus and finally find the blessed building.  (While I’m holding paper towels inbetween my baby’s legs praying that she can hold it for a few more minutes).  Seriously, do we REALLY need to meet the teacher?  We have all freaking year to get to know her…

Anyway – we find the classroom.  A cute little teeny bopper bounces up to us.  Must be someone’s big sister.

“Hi!  I’m Nicholas’s teacher!”

Ummm.  What?  Are you kidding?  Are you even old enough to drive?  And you are going to teach my child?

Before I can reflect on the realization of how freaking old I am – Baby J has managed to destroy Miss Teeny Bopper’s cute little display.  In less than five minutes. ( It was actually quite impressive.)

On that note – and before the inevitable pee all over the floor – Baby J and I get the heck out of there. Pretty sure I won’t be asked to be Homeroom Mom. 

Ten miles and a twisted ankle later (I will never again wear heels)…we made it to the car.

As we sped away – I noticed a flurry of paper in my rearview mirror.

Yep – that would be Nic’s school handbook that I left on the hood of the car.

Back to School

The remnants of Nic's school folder.

Sure hope we don’t need that.

(P.S.)  Yes, we made it back from vacay.  Almost in one piece. 🙂  Blog coming soon on our road trip adventures complete with milking goats, petty theft and our encounter with the only tornado to hit the Rocky Mountains in a bazillion years.  Stay tuned.