Not Cut Out For Coupons. (Tulsa Kids Magazine)

Happy New Year!  I’ve finally emerged from my hiding place at Camp Tough Love.  I must be part bear – because I have basically hibernated for the past two weeks.  So – Nancy and friends – I still haven’t written about our epic ice -skating disaster. (As Cam on Modern Family would say – :”Let it scab, Nancy, let it scab…”) But don’t you worry – it’s coming.  Along with video and photos to boot.

In the meantime – I thought I would share with you my latest article for the January issue of Tulsa Kids Magazine about saving moolah at the grocery store.  Without cutting coupons.  Thanks to all my readers that helped contribute to the article!  Now if I could just get ya’ll to do my shopping for me…


I do NOT recommend taking four kids to the grocery store.  No matter how darn cute they are. 

Read and enjoy!