There’s a Pill for That

I admit it.  I am over-medicated.  I blame it on my mom (it’s okay, she’s in Europe right now, so she can’t read this…). 

 My mom had a pill for everything.  Too tired to practice the piano?  Here’s a Vivarin sweetie – it will perk you right up…(I actually got busted at church camp for pimping out Vivarin to my friends…thanks Mom). 

Wake Up Nicholas.

 Can’t fall asleep?  Here honey, have a muscle relaxer. 

 Are you sad?  Well, goodness gracious – we can’t have that – take this little happy pill!

 And Lord Have Mercy – when I was diagnosed with adult ADD?  I became the poster child for adult Ritalin. 

 So I may be exaggerating just a tad (I love you mom…I really don’t blame you…)  – but it does seem a bit ridiculous. 

 I have a pill to help me sleep because I have hideous insomnia (that I blame on my sweet Baby J).  So when I’m groggy in the morning and can’t even remember my kid’s names – I need a pill to wake me up (or coffee, but same thing, right?).  Then in order to accomplish everything in my day so my whatstheirnames kids have food, clothing and can make it to school in sort of one piece – I need something to help me focus.  Which in turn wires my brain and I can’t get it to turn off.  Oh, and did I mention that depression runs in my family?  Welp – add another medication to my list.

Vicious Freaking Cycle.

vicious cycle

 So which comes first – Insomnia or lethargy?  I dunno.  But I’m not ready to let go of my vices to find out.  Hmmm.  I am waiting for my friends to do an intervention.  BUT, I’ve talked to enough of you to know that I am by far NOT the only one who medicates themselves to get through the day (and night).   

 My husband is the complete opposite.  He despises medicine and will only take it if he is on his deathbed.  And for those of you who know Shane – he’s got a freaking ridiculously high pain tolerance. 

 He makes fun of me for my pill organizer – (and rightly so – I mean, I’m only in my early 40’s – what in the hell will my pill organizer look like in 20 years?  I doubt they make them that big).

pills pills pills

I think this is as big as they come

 Yes, we live in a society that has a pill for every possible ailment or mental issue.  And while I agree some of it is necessary – somehow it’s become a bit of overkill.  I mean I’m a reasonably healthy person – exercise, eat well, the whole nine yards…I really shouldn’t need to be on so many pills right?

 Right.  I’ll re-read this blog post at 3 a.m. when I am beyond desperate for sleep. 

BUT – silver lining to my mom readers who also over-worked and over-medicated…I am teaming up with Ilhoff Salon and Day Spa to help them pick some deserving mom for a total make-over AND a chance to be in their fall fashion show!  AWESOME!  Syay tuned for deets – we will post more info next week. 🙂