Want to be scared this Halloween? Nine Kids. Live TV. Enough Said.

I know.  What part of that sounds like a good idea? 

Kids Halloween Costumes

Mayhem in the Green Room.

One of those delusional mommy moments I often have.

Carey is a great stage mom! 🙂

So Fox23’s brand new show – Great Day Green Country asked me to do a segment on last minute costume ideas for kids.  Sure thing… let me just whip up bunch of toddlers and pre-schoolers, dress them up in costume, ask them to behave and be quiet for 30 minutes and smile for the camera?  Ha – I can do that in my sleep. (insert sarcasm here).

Trick or treat, costume ideas

Trying to line up before airtime. It's as easy as herding cats.

Thanks to all my brave mom friends and my darling models….John Martin Willmann, Katie Baker, Allie and Colin Ihloff, Ryan Glasgow, Max and Mallory Gipson, Landen Tetley and of course, my Baby J. 

Baby J disguised as an angel...

Well people – here you go.  Click here and Enjoy.

The Gipson cutiesHappy Halloween!Cousins...the Angel and the Ninja.