Healthy Snacks that even the Fernandez Fam will eat. Seriously.

I know I’m technically a SAHM – (that’s Stay At Home Mom for all you non-moms out there). 

But really.  I will never ever ever ever be the mom who has homemade cookies and freshly made lemonade for my kids when they come home from school.  In fact, does any one really do that?  Because I think I would have to hate them.

Anyway.  Doesn’t change the fact that my kids are starving when they get home and I need to feed them.  And it would be oh-so-easy just to give them a bag of chips and call it a day.  (and yes, I have done this before – more times than I care to admit).

But I am a work in progress.  And I am trying to make better eating choices for the kids…something that does NOT include an oven (ours has been broken for six months now if that tells you anything…) and is somewhat on the healthy side that my kids will actually eat.

healthy snacks

If you look closely, you will see a yummy snack of grub worms, crickets and a tarantula. This was Shane's idea. Needless to say - it did not go over well.

Healthy Snacks (that do not involve insects or arachnids).

Frozen Applesauce – okay really, I know.  How easy is that?  But it is amazing how just sticking something in the freezer all of a sudden makes it much more appealing to kids.  I use the no-sugar added kind.  And once it is frozen, it has kind-of an ice-cream consistency to it, so kids like it more!  We also do the same with yogurt.

Homemade Trail Mix – I got this recipe from a nutritionist I used to work with.  It has protein, fruit and complex carbs – which give kids energy (not that my kids need anymore) and keep them full until dinner.  All you do is mix Whole Wheat Chex, dried cranberries, unsalted almonds and a some dark chocolate mini- chips.  This is also great for the car – each kid can have their own bag. (Mama has her own stash).

Popcorn w/ cinnamon and fruit – My kids love popcorn.  But instead of butter and salt – air pop some popcorn and sprinkle with cinnamon and dried cherries.  I promise you, the kids will not know the difference.

“Satellite Snacks” – Again, how easy is this?  Low-fat cheese cubes with pretzel sticks!  Kids can make structures with them too (especially if you are Tristan and would rather play with your food than eat it…).

Peanut Butter and Waffles – a fun alternative to the PB&J!  Spread some peanut butter on a low-fat whole grain toaster waffle. 

And whatever you do – don’t try Shane’s “Survivor Food Contest” at home.  It will guarantee sick kids (and a beyond grossed out mama). 

kids eating

Tristan is looking none too pleased with his dad's meal selection.

Happy Snacking!  For more healthy snack options – check out

Seriously, this is for real.  Shane thought it would be “super fun” to host a Survivor Food Challenge.  He was even going to pay the kids to eat this.  Needless to say – if we were stranded in the wild – we would all starve.  Except for Shane.  Yes people,  this is what I  live with on a daily basis.