Let’s Get Physical…

Hmmm.  That could have a few different connotations. 

HOWEVER, I mean it in the sweaty, heart rate raising, wearing cute workout clothes kind of way. (I guess you could take that a few different ways too – get your mind out of the gutter people). 

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I heart Olivia...

So, I have decided to be proactive (don’t fall out of your chair, Shane) and start a workout regime BEFORE the holidays instead of waiting until January.  Maybe I’ll ward off the inevitable weight gain.  Aren’t ya’ll impressed?  I know I am. 

So – since it is tough for me to self-motivate, I decided to join a gym.  Not just any gym, but the creme de la creme of all gyms in the Tulsa area – Sky Fitness (located at 101st and Sheridan).  Holy Spandex Batman, this place is pretty impressive.

The Front Desk at Sky and one of the super nice people that work here!

AND – for all you Tulsa area peeps that read my blog – you are gonna get a chance to win a six month membership to this amazing place (BONUS – it also includes child care!).  Just comment on my blog before next Wednesday (Nov. 16) and my handy – dandy lil helper Nicholas will draw a winner. 

So, I’ve been going for a couple of weeks now and am starting to get in a groove.  They have got about every kind of class known to mankind.  And about every piece of workout equipment to boot.  Oh, and when you finish with your workout?  They’ve got saunas, steam rooms and a full service spa.  Seriously people, no need to come out with gym hair – shower, cut, style and walk out the door looking like a million bucks.  Oh – and they also have a cafe.  Seriously, you could live in this place.  Got kids?  Not a problem.  For ONLY $15 a month you can drop off your brood anytime.  Josie LOVES the kids area.  She pretty much just walks in herself and doesn’t look back. 

This is the circuit training area. Twenty-five minutes for a full body workout. And I'm not lying - it's a WORKOUT. Trust.

And – if it couldn’t just get any better – they are getting ready to open up a location in MIDTOWN (41st and Yale).  So, no matter what part of Tulsa County I am schlepping kids – I have a place to work out.  I no longer have any excuses.

work out gym getting into shap

Can't Wait!

In fact – Sky Fitness is going to offer FREE (that’s right – I said FREE) classes on November 12th across from the new midtown location.  So pick out some cute new work out clothes and join us!  (or you can just come in what you woke up in too – that works for me…).

ALl you have to do is show up at 41st and Yale (The Schusterman Center Lawn) at 9:30 a.m. on November 12.  You can try out several different classes including Body Pump, Rhythm Ride, PowerPOP Pilates, Yoga and TRX Demos.  Plus they will have activities for the little ones too.  Sky will be giving away free memberships and will have lots of other goodies as well. 

Yoga on the Lawn. And it is FREE. Just doesn't get any better.

So join me on the fitness bandwagon!  This place truly is amazing.  And for everything you get – the price is great!  $59 a month for single and $89 for dual.  Prices and class information are listed here!

TRX Workout at Sky Fitness

TRX. This is Navy Seal stuff.

(FYI – The PowerPOP Pilates and PI-Yo classes are amazing.  Pi-Yo is a combo of Pilates and yoga.  Since I have done both for years – I thought – NO SWEAT, PIECE OF CAKE.  Ummm – yeah.  Two weeks later and my butt is STILL sore.  This ain’t your mama’s yoga class).

Yeah - I'll be rocking Pi-Yo in no time. Just as soon as I can feel my butt again.

And don’t forget!  Comment on my blog and you could win a six month membership to SkyFitness!

See ya on Saturday.  I’ll be the one still in the clothes I slept in…