Won’t You Be Mine? Easy and Fun Ideas for The Day of Love.

Don’t worry.  I haven’t gone all Martha Stewart on ya’ll.  Seriously!  You should know better.

 However, I am pretty darn impressed with myself.

 For the first time in my life – I made homemade Valentines.

 (waiting for applause….)

valentine crafts for kids

Baby J eating our Valentine supplies before we even get home...

 Anyway – when you have four kids and they each have parties and they each have 20 something kids in their class…let me see…I’m no math whiz – but that is darn near 100 valentines.  And that can get pretty expensive.

 So I found this awesome website and found cute, cheap and EASY valentines to make for the kids. 

 Actually, truth be told, my oldest did most of the work.  I supervised. 

 And Baby J tried to eat them all as we went along.  Hey, we all have our jobs…

home made Valentines

Seriously, how cute is this? And if I can make it - then ANYONE can.

home made valentines

I freaking love the people who think these things up!

So my friend and fellow- mom- of- four- anchor on Fox23 – the lovely Michelle Linn was so impressed that I made homemade valentines – she asked me to come on the show yesterday to show off the goods. 

And as usual – Baby J charms the pants off my friends at Fox23 – here is our latest segment on kid ideas for Valentines Day

I’ve got more ideas too!  What has gotten into me? (considering I used to HATE Valentine’s Day after my 6th grade BF broke up with me on the day of love…YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE…)  But I digress…

To check out some other creative ideas for your family for Valentine’s Day – check out my latest article in Greater Tulsa Reporter. 

To see more cards like the ones above – check out Disney’s Family Fun website .  They have dummy-proof crafts made for people like me. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!  (Except for my sixth grade boyfriend…he can just stick it. 🙂 )


No Couch Potatoes Allowed! Easy Ways to Stay Active with the Kids this Winter.

Exercise with your kids!  This doesn’t have to be stressful – or work – make it fun!  Or, I’ll just let ya’ll borrow Baby J for a day.  That should take care of your exercise for a week.  How do you think I lost my baby-weight?  Chasing around my whirling dervish who leaves a horrific path of destruction in her wake…

Don't let the angel costume fool you...

But I digress…

The weather has been unusally warm in Oklahoma – but we all know that it won’t last.  So here are some handy dandy ideas for keeping active with your kids this Winter! 

 Baby J and I chat with our dear friend Michelle Linn on Fox23Daybreak this morning about how to do just that…

  1.  Lead by example – if you don’t ever exercise or if you complain about exercising – chances are your kids aren’t going to want to do it either…(so Marnie, quit your bellyaching…)

Studies show there are just as many benefits for kids as adults –

                   i.     Healthy weight

                  ii.     Less likely to get sick

                 iii.     Increased sleep quality

                  iv.    Improved mood (umm – YES please.)

                  v.     Helps develop fine motor skills

                   vi.     Decreases risk of ADD

  1. Start with something familiar: It is good to start with activities that both you and your child know how to do. Participating in activities your child is comfortable with will build their love for being active and give them confidence so they will want to continue.
  2. Keep it competitive: This challenges everyone to give the activity their all. If you are swimming – for example – see who can do the most laps in a certain amount of time. Be sure to keep the competitions friendly and positive. Negative words and actions can turn a child off very quickly. Winning isn’t the goal – having fun as a family and getting exercise is our goal.
  3. Variety: Kids also get bored easily, so doing a variety of activities throughout the summer will alleviate that and keep the kids (and you) interested in staying active.
  4. Try something new: Trying a new activity as a family strengthens the bond because everyone is experiencing something together as a family. Everyone is in the same boat.

 Ideas for Indoor Activities:

  1. Designate a place where kids can roll,  jump, move around  – I would not suggest the formal dining room with Grandma’s antique china….
  2. Twister
  3. It's all fun and games until you fall on your private parts....

  4. Dance contests
  5. "Drop it like it's hot"....

  6.  Build an indoor obstacle course
  7. Scavenger hunts – (tip:  Just don’t hide something like raw eggs and then forget about them…it doesn’t really smell very good after a few weeks.  Trust.)
  8. Old fashioned games such as Ring around the Rosie/London Bridges/ Simon Says/Follow the Leader (Baby J’s fav – Ring Around the Rosie.  It can really get your heart rate up when you have to do it like 500 times in a row…)
  9. Video games like Wii Fitness
  10. Baby J loves to help with our workouts....

  11. “Circus Acts” – put on a family circus with jump roping, hula hoops, juggling (Shane could do a one-man circus show with all his stupid-human-tricks…)
  12. Charades
  13. Family Talent Show
  14. keeping active with kids

    Or you could just do a family Luchador Wrestling night....

  15. Make a game of cleaning house – yes people – it can be done.  As long as you aren’t too picky about the term “cleanliness”…
  16. Go to Rock Climbing Gym.

So there you go.  No excuses to sit on your hiney when the weather is cold and frightful.   Because being active with your family can be delightful….(yes, I know, that was bad).   Happy exercising!