The Scoop on Poop

Poop is a hot topic around the Fernandez Casa. 

The boys obsess over toilet talk.  Our dogs have irritable bowel syndrome.  Baby J alternates in between constipation and poop explosions(I’m not sure which is worse). 

Toilet Talk

Baby J's Constipated Face. A Face Only A Mother Can Love.

In fact, as I am writing this, I have just finished cleaning up dog poop in Jade’s closet and found Baby J in her bed sans diaper with poop all over the place (her latest trick – we are so proud).  In fact she did this another time that made blog history.

Hungry anyone? 

My oldest son spends more time on the toilet than any man I know.  And it usually happens at a public restroom where we have to go in several times to check on him.

Toilet Training

Nicholas enjoying some potty time. He's going to kill me when he's a teenager.

 My youngest son likes to talk about poop to whoever will listen…the latest victim happened to be some unsuspecting man who ended up sitting by both our boys on the airplane on our last trip.  Poor guy.  In between Nicholas and Tristan crawling over him several times to go the bathroom (after they announced it to everyone), to Nicholas kissing the seat in front of him (yes, we were disturbed too), to Tristan in his face every five minutes telling him about his latest superhero adventure – I’m sure this guy will think twice before getting back on a plane.

 But again, I digress.

 Where was I?  Oh yeah – poop. 

 SO I spent the better part of Memorial Day weekend cleaning up poop, puke and pee.  In the car, in every room in the house and even at my friend Jennifer’s house (sorry friend!).  Thank goodness she has a child or we may never be invited back.  We seriously just walked in her house – Nicholas sat down and promptly threw up all over her beautiful sofa.  Yep.  It was great. 

 Nicholas and Josie had some nasty stomach bug.  And the dogs must have had sympathy pains.  Because they followed suit pooping and puking in the house right behind them.  And I have a serious gag reflex (which I get from my father who I am sure has quit reading this by now). 

baby potty training baby baths

We took LOTS of baths at our house this weekend. LOTS.

 Not sure if it was the loss of my appetite from all the bodily functions or the energy I expended disinfecting our house a million times, but I did lose three pounds. 

 One more poop fest and I may be able to get into my skinny jeans! 

 Hey, gotta look on the bright side.