Camp. My Summer Love.

I’m having a mid-life crisis. 

First of all, how the heck did I get to mid-life already??

No worries people, I’m not going to run off and get a tattoo or go skydiving naked – but I am really missing being a kid in the summertime.

Especially when it comes to camp. 

I am a camp freak – I grew up going to all kinds of camps – and after each one I would come home in tears because each one was the best time of my life and those were the best friends I would ever have and I would cry for days and days and write letters to all my friends and lock myself in my room. 

My parents loved it when I came home from camp.

Now my kids are all at camp.  And I must say it bringsback  pains of nostalgia and I must admit – a pang of jealousy. 

My three oldest spent last week at Camp Loughridge– an amazing Christian camp in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I know you’ve heard me sing their praises before – but guys – this camp is amazing.  I wish I had gone to Camp Loughridge when I was a kid.  You can’t help but just feel the love while you are out there…just stepping foot on their beautiful grounds makes me want to burst out into a rousing round of  Kum Ba Yah.

But I’ll spare you.

Kids Summer Camp

Morning Rally at Camp Loughridge

So – I decided to get some of my camp fix and follow my kids around Camp Loughridge for a day.  Much to their chagrin I might add.

I tried to be incognito – but it was a little hard with a baby in a stroller. 

Kids Summer Camp

Baby J and Baby Justice - Future Campers

Especially when the baby cried.  Really loud.

Kids Summer Camp

Well, maybe not.

So each kiddo was in a different tribe.  Nicholas was a Choctaw.

Kids Summer Camp

Nic and his fellow Choctaws

Tristan was a Seminole.

Kids Summer Camp

Tristan with his awesome counselor John


Jade was an Esther. (she was in the adventure camp for older kids – she even got to spend the night!).

Kids Summer Camp

Jade and "her girls"

The kids all meet together in the morning for rally then break off into their respective tribes.  Each tribe has one to two counselors for each group so no worries about kiddos wondering off.

Kids SUmmer camp

Yes, that is Tristan's sniper hat. Courtesy of his father.

They get to do all sorts of cool things like archery,

Kids Summer Camp

Nicholas was in weapon heaven

swim every day in their amazing pool,

Summer Camp for Kids

Camp Loughridge's Olympic Size Swimming Pool

field games,

Summer Camp

Tristan and crew playing kickball

ropes course,

Ropes Course at Camp Loughridge

Part of the Ropes Course - Rock Climbing Wall

the famous 50 foot rope swing – (for more awesome photos of the ropes course and zip line – click here)

Rope Swing at Camp Loughridge

Jade conquers her fears!

and so much more.

Every day I picked up the kiddos they were WORN OUT and asleep in the car before we even got home. 

Summertime with kids

Even Baby J was exhausted from just watching.

And they couldn’t wait to go back to camp the next day.  (Sidebar:  my kiddos LOVED the food.  Even my picky eater.  This is HUGE, people…). 

Isn’t that every parent’s dream?  (Or is that just mine.)

In fact – I’m thinking about applying for a counselor job there next summer.  I think Baby J and I would do a great job…we may be hitting you all up for references. 

So parents – if you are going nuts trying to figure out what to do with the kids for the rest of the summer – I’ve got good news.  Camp Loughridge has openings in their last few sessions!  Check here for the rest of their schedule…

My kids are already asking when they can go back.  I’m on that like a bee on honey.

Summertime at Camp

Proud Papa with crew at Camp Loughridge Closing Ceremony

Hello Mother-Hello Father…It’s Summer Camp Time. And a Chance to Win a Week at Camp Loughridge!

Summer time.  Those blissful 90 days between the school year full of sun and fun. 

Unless you are a parent.

Then those 90 days can get VERY long. 

So  as a mom of four – I have been checking out  things to do with the kids so we don’t go crazy or have to quit our jobs to entertain the lil’ darlins.

And I must say – I did have quite a bit of fun researching one place in particular.  Camp Loughridge.  Which is now my new favorite place.

Located on 200 acres west of Tulsa, this haven for kids is not only beautiful, but chock full of fun for the kids, guaranteed to wear them out on a daily basis.  Camp Loughridge is a Christian based summer camp where kids ages 6-16 can enjoy all the outdoor activies they love in a safe environment. 

My friends Michelle Linn (anchor of Tulsa’s Fox23 Daybreak) and April Sailsbury (fellow mommy blogger and marketing pro) went with me to check it out.  And of course, my permanent accessory, Baby J. 

SUmmer Fun at Camp Loughridge

Yes, those are hard hats. You really want them on. Promise.

And guess what?  One of you lucky ducks will win a week for your kiddo to this fabulous place.  All you have to do is leave me a comment.  Thank you to Vince and crew at Camp Loughridge.  They are truly some of the neatest people I have ever met.  Baby J loves them too. 

Did I mention they have a 50 foot swing?  Ummm – yes.  It is pretty freaking cool.  And a little bit scary.  

SUmmer Camp for kids

Getting harnessed for the 50 foot swing. Yes I was nervous as heck. 1

 And a few blood curdling screams…

Summer Fun for Kids

Yes, that is REALLY REALLY high. I think that is Michelle.They call me Spiderman...

 Yes – I am getting all fancy and swinging upside down.

Summer Camp for kids at Camp Loughridge

Holy Cow!

And a ZIP LINE!  I used to have one of these in my backyard.  However, it was only five feet off the ground and not FIFTY.  Yes, it is a little nerve racking to climb the pole.  But Holy Cow, what a ride!  I’m going to make Shane build us one in the back yard.

Zip Line at Camp Loughridge

Brave Michelle is climbing the 50 foot pole to the zip line. I am sweating bullets as I take the photo.


Summer Fun at Camp

See those little dots up there? Yep, that is us getting ready to jump off. Seriously. Don't worry, Baby J is not up there.

In addition to the thrilling rides, Camp Loughridge offers a million activities.  Arts and crafts, canoeing (I used to teach this by the way…laughable I know), archery (my weapon loving son is SO excited about this one), dancing, hiking and swimming in their Olympic sized pool. 

More pictures from the challenge course…

Plus the older kids (ages 11-13) get to spend a night at the camp (that equals date night parents!)…AND the 14-16 year olds get to go on a three day backpacking trip (hey, that equals a  mini- vacay)! 

And even better?  You don’t have to pack a lunch for the kids. YAY!  Camp Loughridge serves a hot and healthy meal every day for lunch (and snacks too!).  It’s included in the price. And that’s not all!  Also included is a super cool T-shirt, water bottle, backpack and camp group photo. I’m tellin you – I love this place so much I am trying to figure out a way for them to hire me.  But I just blew my cover on my canoeing skills…

Parents – this camp fills up FAST.  The first three sessions are almost sold out.  BUT, the last sessions are still available and they even go through the first week in August, when most camps and activities stop.   Sessions go June 6-August 5, Monday-Friday from 9-5.  This  is money well spent, fellow parents. 

Remember to post a comment on my blog and win a FREE WEEK TO CAMP!  That is a $234 value.  Actually – the memories your kids create – priceless.

We will do the drawing on Friday, May 13. 

And the Fernandez Fam will see you at Camp Loughridge!  I’ll be on the zip line- not teaching your kids how to canoe.  Promise.