Attack of the Purple Dinosaur

I’m not sure this is politically correct to say – but what the hell.  I HATE BARNEY.  There, I said it.  I’m sure lightening will strike.

I can’t put my finger on it – but the large, purple, nasally sounding fake dinosaur gets on my every last nerve.  Give me Sesame Street ANYDAY over the nauseatingly cheezy “I Love You” theme song.  GAG. 

todllers and barney

Seriously? Is this dude creepy or what?

We managed to escape the Barney-madness with Nicholas.  I thought I was home free. 

Then somehow – some way  – horror upon horrors – Josie has been bit by the Barney Bug.  And there is no cure.

Just seeing the purple monster sends Josie into an orbit.  I try to distract her to no avail.  She cannot be deterred from Barney, Baby Bop and all of his other weirdo friends. 

Oh – and to rub salt into the wound –  in my former life in Texas – I used to work at the Fort Worth Zoo. 

Heard of the movie – “Barney Went to the Zoo”?

Yep.  Filmed at our zoo.  During the time I was working there.  Really?  Why couldn’t Ernie and Bert visit the zoo?  Why did it have to be the purple dinosaur?

And people, let me tell you.  THere was more security for Barney than for the president.  Children went APE-SH** when they saw purple.  I can only equate it to a toddler Elvis sighting.  It was not pretty.

And Barney was also a bit of a diva.  Talk about high-maintenance.  We had to drive his purple butt all over the zoo – he couldn’t walk anywhere.  (Really?  You are a disgrace to your species). 

Our zoo was so proud.  We had local tv crews covering the story like we had just acquired a baby elephant or something really cool.  It was disturbing to see all the frenzy over a plush purple so-called dinosaur and his creepy entourage. 

And guess what we received for all our help for the Barney shoot?  About a gazillion “Barney Goes to the Zoo” DVDs.  Which I’m quite sure are at the bottom of some land-fill at this time.  (My friend Sean was actually IN the video with Barney – he will never ever live that down).

My friend got paid in Barney videos.

So, as you can see – my Barney trauma goes way back.  It is a cruel evil joke that my daughter is smitten. 

Parental control over PBS?  It just may come to that.

Life Without Barney

And for those of you who missed my healthy snacks segment (complete with antics from Tristan).  Here ’tis!

Marnie’s Mommy Moment – Family Eating On the Cheap

Here’s my latest  Marnie’s MOmmy Moment on Fox23 – Baby J and I are giving you the rundown on how to feed your family for cheap!

Don’t forget to comment on my last blog post by tomorrow for a chance to win a GC from Elote…(puffy tacos are calling you…)

(Total sidebar:  Everyone keeps asking when the Man V. Food featuring Elote is going to air.  Soon my friends, soon.  They are supposed to give us a week or two’s notice.  Believe me – you will hear from us about this. 🙂 

In the meantime – happy eating!

Kids Eat Free

Marnie’s Mommy Moment – Shane’s Travel Tips (two more days until the giveaway!)

Here is the latest Mommy Moment on Fox23 featuring my handsome hubby. 🙂  As you can see – Baby J was not at all interested in being on tv that day.

Don’t forget to comment on my last blog post for a chance to win gift certificates from Ding-Bats and The Gadget Company!  We will do the drawing on Friday.

Baby J says Happy Hump Day.  She’s ready for Friday.


And the Winner Is…(tips for looking younger giveaways!)

Yes, we have two lucky winners for my  Marnie’s Mommy Moment’stips for looking younger contest!

And believe me, I had to resist temptation to keep the giveaways and pretend my dog ate them….

Thanks to everyone who entered and gave feedback on my site.  I had fun reading everyone’s comments…and learned a few more things about how to fight this dang aging thing.

But now – on to the winners…

1.  Winner of the Ihloff Salon and Day Spa facial…..ALAYNA REYNOLDS!

2.  Winner of the Avon Anew gift package….YVONNE LONG!

Woo hoo/ Cheer/Clap/Hoop and Holler

And thanks to my handy helper Nicholas for drawing the names from the hopper.  Good job buddy.

Nicholas helping me with looking younger contest

Another Look YOunger tip: Eat lots of fiber. 🙂

Winners – I will be in touch today on how to get you your goodies. 

Now for the rest of you – if you missed Baby J’s and my TV segment – here ya go.  Hopefully you can hear the tips over Baby J’s babbling….

And for more info check out my last post:

And special thanks to Jillian Ihloff from Ihloff Salon and Day Spa and Stacie McFarlin of Avon…you girls rock. 

And yeah – one week until I turn FORTY.  BRING IT ON…I’m ready. 🙂

Marnie’s Mommy Moment – Spring Break Edition

So I learned my lesson that taking four kids on live tv is not such a good idea. So this time I just took my one-year old. She still managed to knock off my microphone. But we did manage to spew out the Fernandez Family Spring Break Staycation plans…cuz this family is staying put. I’m still recovering from our last travel disaster (the TRAIN trip…I’m still not even allowed to say the “T” word in front of Shane…)

Coming soon – a guest blog post from my dear friend Allison – who came to visit – and spending time with our motley crew inspired her to write (I’m tellin’ ya – it’s good therapy). So stay tuned.

In the meantime – Happy Spring Break!