Shane’s Self Defense Tips for Staying Safe This Holiday. Or Yes, I Married A Ninja.

So, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting my hubby – he is quite an interesting fella.  And I say that with lots of love.

 In fact his background is so diverse, it is pretty hard to believe.  But hey, I live with the dude.  Let me tell you people, it is all true.

Yes, that is my husband. Don't ask.

 So his reputation in martial arts and weapon training caught the interest of the producer at Fox.  He was asked to come on my Marnie’s Mommy Moment segment on Fox23 to talk about self-defense.

 What qualifies my hubby to teach you how to defend yourself from a mugger in a parking lot?  (or a zombie apocalypse, terrorist attack or nuclear holocaust, but we’ll save those for another day).

Our boys in training...

 Here is just a little bit of his background. 

 Shane was nationally ranked in Tae Kwon Do by the time he was 7.  He then went on to study Muay Thai, Amis and Escrima internationally (don’t ask me what the heck those last two are…).  He has also competed internationally in tactical pistol, shotgun and long range rifle.

In other words – you want him around if you ever get attacked. 🙂 

(and for those of you all that know ME, and know my daily struggle to find my car, find my keys, and my attempt just to make it through a day without some major catastrophe – you can imagine how crazy I drive my husband.  In fact, he tells me on a daily basis that all his combat training was to prepare him for being married to me.).

But I digress…

So without further ado – here are Shane’s tips for keeping yourself safe.

Self Defense 101

By Shane Fernandez

  1.  Long range:  (Awareness)
    1. Be aware of your surroundings.  Before you leave a store, make sure you know where you parked your car, you have your cell phone and keys.  Park in a well lit area and look for security guards.
  2. Mid range:  (Avoidance)
    1. As you walk to your car, look at the reflections in car windows as you walk by to see if anyone is following you.  Have your phone ready to dial 911, and have your keys in your hands so you can use as a weapon if need be. 
  3. Close range:  (Application)
    1. This is assuming you are getting ready to be or being attacked.  Scream, call 911, use your elbow or your knee as they are the hardest part of your body.  Don’t use your fist.  Aim for soft tissue areas such as the throat, nose or eyes. 

Or better yet – you can check out his tv segment here. 🙂

Stay Safe and Stay Aware!  🙂  That’s coming from Shane.  We all know I have issues with that….


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2 thoughts on “Shane’s Self Defense Tips for Staying Safe This Holiday. Or Yes, I Married A Ninja.

  1. Shane sounds like my mother’s dream. She raised me to believe a kidnappers’ convention was in town looking for kids like me (every time I left the house). I honestly believed I would be the person to come across a prison escapee or most murder suspect on the news. So comforting.

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