Back to School – What To Wear? (And Clothing Giveaway!)

“But MOM!  I don’t know what to wear today!”

This is a phrase heard often in our house (usually after the “MOM – I don’t WANT to go to school!  I think I’m sick…no really…BLECH.”)

Anyway.  For me to get four kids dressed and ready for school with clean underwear and matching socks (and frisk my youngest son for weapons he may have smuggled) is a Herculean task in itself – let alone looking cute and/or fashionable.

So I decided to ask for help.  I love having friends.

I grabbed seven of my friend’s adorable kiddos and had them go shopping for school clothes.   And they are going to make their modeling debut this morning on my TV segment – Marnie’s Mommy Moments on Fox23.  (Notice neither of my boys made the cut.  If anyone watched their last TV appearance – you will understand why).

Special thanks to my mommy friends – Sandy Willman, Kerry Mose, Heather Streich and Audra Glasgow (who also happens to be my awesome Sis-In-Law) for letting me borrow their kids.

And another special thanks to The Gap at Utica Square, The Lolly Garden, Dwelling Spaces, Pottery Barn Kids and Vintage Couture for providing all the fabulous clothes.

And even better –  comment on my blog by Friday, September 2  for a chance to win a GC from the lovely ladies (Kara and Kerry) from Vintage Couture  and a GC from Dwelling Spaces!  Yeah!  I love giving things away.  And also – GAP is having a 40% off selected styles starting tomorrow! (Tues. Aug. 30).

So – here we go – Fashion Show!  Fashion Show!  Fashion Show! (that’s for all you “Office” fans…)

Meet the Models:

Thanks to all my adorable models!

Hadley Streich – Hadley is a 3rd grader at Regent Preparatory School of Oklahoma.  She modeling clothes from The Lolly Garden – located at Utica Square.

Jack Mose – Jack is a 1st Grader at Bixby North Elementary.  He is wearing the Cream Button-Down Shirt from the J collection of Vintage Couture–

Jade Fernandez – Jade is a 6th grader at Bixby North Elementary.  She is wearing an outfit from Gap Kids in Utica Square.

Josie Fernandez – (her little sidekick).  Too little for school, but too cute not too show off!  Josie is wearing the Retro Riot Baby set also from Vintage Couture.

Ryan Glasgow – Ryan is in PreK at Channing Day School.  He is wearing an adorable outfit also from The Lolly Garden at Utica Square.

Macy Mose – Macy is 5 years old and is in Kindergarten at Bixby North Elementary.
She is wearing the Serendipity Ruffle Dress from the Vintage Couture Collection.

And last but certainly NOT least – we have John Martin Willman.  John Martin is a 4th grader at Eliot Elementary.  He is wearing a very handsome outfit from Gap at Utica Square –

Me:  We ran out of kids – but I wanted to show off some other fun clothes from a local merchant in Downtown – called Dwelling Spaces – I have on a “Tulsa Rocks” shirt – they have Tulsa/ OKie Grown and all kinds of fun local love shirts in all different colors, sizes and even for babies!  Dwelling spaces also carries all kinds of fun accessories and jewelry made from local artists such as the fun tshirt scarf I am wearing to this handmade headband.

Websites for clothing merchants.

Vintage Couture (can order online or host a trunk show)

Gap Kids – located in Utica Square – 40% off select styles starting tomorrow!

Dwelling Spaces – 2nd and Detroit (downtown Tulsa) – comment on my blog to win a gift certificate!

The Lolly Garden – located in Utica Square (by Polo Grill)

Pottery Barn Kids – located in Utica Square.

Happy Shopping!

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15 thoughts on “Back to School – What To Wear? (And Clothing Giveaway!)

  1. Hi Marnie! The kids are adorable! Rebecca pulled the “nothing to wear”, so I made her get all her dirty clothes from her room. Didn’t stop her from finding a seriously cute outfit to go to a friend’s house in on Sunday afternoon. She is wearing it again today. (That’s how I roll.)

  2. Marnie,

    Great job…and cute kids. Just an FYI…in case you want to fix it. The link to Kara’s website isn’t working…it redirects back to your site. Just FYI.


  3. Bummer…so sad I missed the segment. Are you going to share a link? The kids look so cute! Love your blogs! Hugs, Shannon Wilburn

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