Dining Out With Kids without Breaking The Bank.

Okay.  I think everyone here knows me well enough to know that I’m pretty much no good in the kitchen.  That is an understatement.  And while my hubby does the lion’s share of the cooking (hey, I can handle microwave dinners and mac and cheese), even he gets tired of slaving over a stove.

And yet, the alternative is eating out…which when trying to feed a family of six can cost a small fortune. 

So, my friend, partner in crime and also frugal mom Nancy, gave me the brilliant idea of putting together a list of places where kids can either eat free or at a discount.  And since I am lazy and hate to do research – I just asked my awesome Facebook Friends (see Shane, Facebook IS good for something) for their input and voila!  I have a list.  And it’s a darn good one too.

So thanks to Nan and facebook – I can now pass the love onto you.  And for those of you in the Tulsa area – BONUS!  My fave restarant – Elote (who by the way has $2 puffy taco night on Wednesdays) is giving away a $25 gift certificate to one of my readers! (so that is a dozen puffy tacos for your family! Or, in my case – one puffy taco and 10 margaritas…but that is another blog entirely). 

Ummm. Puffy Tacos from Elote. My mouth is watering.

So my money saving friends who are sick of cooking and need a break – here you go!

Chain Restaurant Kid/FamilyDeals:

Steak n Shake – Kids eat free on weekends– one free meal for every $8 spent.  Dine in only.

Cosi – Kids eat free Monday – Wednesdays!

Qdoba – Kids eat for $1.50 on Sundays!

IHOP – Kids eat free from 4-8 p.m. everyday at IHOP.  Check location first to make sure they participate.

Denny’s – Kids eat free from 4-10 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

Chili’s – Kids eat free on most Tuesdays (with purchase of an adult entree). 

Mazzios –  Large one-topping pizza for $6.99 on Mondays (carry-out only)

Flying Burrito – Kids (12 and under)  eat free Monday – Wednesday (with purchase of adult entree).

Locally Owned Restaurant Kid/Family Deals:

Firehouse Subs on Memorial – Kids eat free on Friday’s with purchase of adult entree.

Leon’s – Kids eat free on Sundays from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m (with purchase of adult entree).

Whole Foods – On Wednesdays, buy one adult entree and get one kids meal free!

El Guapo’s – $1 carnitas on Tuesdays

Joe Mama’s Pizza – $5 one topping pizzas on Tuesdays

Elote Cafe – $2 puffy tacos on Wednesdays (evenings only).

Mod’s Gelato and Crepes – $2 gelato on Wednesdays (evenings only).

McNellie’s – $3 burgers on Wednesdays (evenings only).

Dilly Deli – Kids eat free on Thursdays (with adult paid entree)

Caz’s Chowhouse – Kids eat free on Wednesdays from 5-9 p.m. (with adult paid entree)

Ollie’s – Kids 10 and under eat free on Tuesdays (with adult paid entree)

Chimi’s – Kids eat free on Mondays (with adult paid entree)

Tin Star – Kids eat free on Wednesdays – 4-9 p.m. (with adult paid entree)

Senior Tequila – Kids 11 and under eat free on Tuesdays after 4 p.m.

Heavenly gelato from Mods. Great way to beat the heat. And only $2 on Wednesdays!

 And there are even more on facebook (see Shane??) – just “Like” the Kids Eat Free page and click on the discussion tab…even more free goodness!

So honey – we have our dinners planned out for the next month – no cooking for you.  I’ll take care of it. (oh, but I will need to borrow your wallet…).

Don’t forget to comment by Friday July 22 for a chance to win some puffy taco goodness from Elote Cafe!

(oh – and a belated congrats to the winners of Ding Bats and The Gadget Company gift certficiates – Maggie Pool and Wendy Haines!   Yay!  And thanks for reading!)

Happy eating AND saving money!  It just doesn’t get better than that.  Then that extra money can go towards wine…oops, I mean the kids’ college fund…

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18 thoughts on “Dining Out With Kids without Breaking The Bank.

  1. Marn, we do have some good ideas, Huh…thanks for compiling this…I seriously am printing a couple of copies, one for my fridge and one for the car…will come in very handy on busy activity nights or when I am just feeling LAZY…ttys…oh and Happy Anniversary!

  2. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! What an amazing solution to the high temperatures this summer. (EAT OUT) It is also a great solution for busy schedules in the Fall, Winter, and Spring! I am excited to try many of the new restaurants that our family has never eaten at before.

    • Thank you Zena! I’m glad my friend talked me into doing it – b/c we are going to take advantage….Thanks for reading and I’ve got your name in the hopper for the gift certificate!

  3. Forgot to post on FB…Oliveto (91st & Memorial) kids eat free on Sundays (after 4 I believe), and they have cheap pizzas – $6 on Wednesdays. Best of all, my kids LOVE their food.

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  5. Chris and I don’t have kids yet but when his four nieces and nephews come to town we always take them out! We always wished someone would put together a list like this and here it is! Thank you Marnie!!!

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