Hurricane Josie Has Arrived

So, I’m sad to say sweet Baby J is no longer. 😦  She has been replaced by a pint-size hurricane who no longer wants to be held, cuddled or restrained in a car seat (which STINKS for mama, since we live in our car). 

walking toddlers

Oh - it was just a few months ago - look at my Sweet Baby J!

Now I realize where hurricanes get their names.  They are all named after sweet little babies who have morphed into toddlers who now wreak havoc on their parent’s lives. 

I totally get it now.  Hurricane Alex – he was once a sweet baby boy.  Hurricane Susie – another unsuspecting baby turned maniacal toddler.

This hurricane season – Meet Josie.  I’m thinking she is an F5.

baby j toddler

Josie is quite pleased with her new found independence.

This storm has been brewing for a while now.  A few steps here, a few tantrums there.  And I was in NO hurry to see her walk because I knew life would end as we know it.

Then one day, the storm broke loose and Hurricane Josie showed up.

As in a full sprint across the room on Father’s Day Weekend. 

baby proofing house

No more sitting on the sidelines for Baby J. Here is her attempt to rock climb with the kiddos.

And she hasn’t stopped since.

NO more cuddles, no more snuggling, no more sitting in my lap – Josie is FAR too busy to be bothered with any of that nonsense.

Far too busy destroying the contents of our drawers, closets and cabinets and whatever else she can get her devious little hands on.  While running as fast as her fat stubby legs will carry her (think drunk sailor).   THe older kids no longer think she is their sweet baby sister – as they guard their possessions with their life – as she knocks down lego towers with an evil giggle and empties the contents of Jade’s purse with a demented smile.  She has found her calling – to torment her siblings. 

Bathing Baby J is now like an Olympic Sport. She is the tiny hiney on the left.

We bought out the store of baby safety gadgets.  But they are no match for Josie.  Bumper pads pulled off sharp corners, Baby gates knocked over.  I’m tellin ya – she may be small, but she is mighty.

Sniper-Survival Man Daddy has met his match.  He almost has an anxiety attack every night watching his newly mobile daughter dangerously teeter near stairs while laughing in his face.  His field and military training will be put to the test. 


Not to mention I’ve already noticed several new gray hairs on his head.  Honey- it’s only just begun. 

The path of destruction. Nothing is safe.

Happy toddling to all!

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4 thoughts on “Hurricane Josie Has Arrived

  1. You need reinforcements! Like a HIGH ENERGY 12 year old. Katie will be home on Friday … She’d like to visit with Jade too.

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