Cousin Camp. Not for the Faint of Heart – (and another giveaway from May Books!)

It’s been three days since Cousin Camp and I’m still recovering.  I’m also pretty sure my parents will think twice before having all six grandkids at their house for an extended period of time.  Or anyone in our family for that matter. 

It really wasn’t a formal camp – in fact – it was kind of an accident that all six kids ended up at my parent’s house at the same time.  An accident that drove even my mother to partake in my “Skip and Go Naked” vodka drink.  (but no worries, she didn’t get naked).

However, the four boys did.  Got naked SEVERAL times – without the help of vodka.  That was one of their favorite games.  In fact, I spent several hours picking up discarded clothes and trying to keep the boys at least in their underpants.  I mean it was really hot – but STILL. 

Another favorite game during “cousin camp” was “find the baby”.  This happened when all the adults were trying to wrangle the four boys and we realized no one was watching Baby J.  Then it was a race to see who could find her first.  In panic mode.  Her favorite spot to hide was in the bathroom while unrolling all the toilet paper.  Oh yeah – and she can also shut doors.  And sit in front of them so you can’t open them. 

camp summer fun

Baby J likes to hide incognito

Other activities at camp included the daily arguing over who played with what super-hero, ninja fighting in mom’s living room by all her antiques, daily trips to the snow cone stand (we filled two punch cards during our stay), and several mixed drinks for the “counselors”. 

summer time cousin camp

Downtime at Cousin Camp

Oh yeah – we also did a field trip.  My best friend lives on a farm outside of my hometown.  And she has horses, cows and even a pot-bellied pig.  Nicholas was in animal heaven.  Mommy was in allergy hell.  But all the kids got to feed a calf from a bottle.  Other than Baby J who freaked out – everyone thought that was pretty cool.  Nicholas is now jockeying for his own pig.  I’m thinking that is a great gift for his dad to get him. 

Field trip to the farm

Now this is some good stuff.Nicholas with his new BFF - Coco the Pig.

Now my favorite activity was “run the kids around the block several times in their pj’s before bed so they would pass out” game.  After a sleepless night the night before – -kids up and down all night, Baby J crying, dad’s water heater alarm going off, (seriously, he has an alarm for that.  And it is LOUD- I thought the house was going to blow up) and my other insomnia related issues – I decided to try a new approach. 

It didn’t go over so well with the kids.  But hey, they slept through the night. 

cousins crashed out on floor

Did I mention we also slipped them some Tylenol?

My dad’s favorite pastime was the “group time out” when the boys would wake up Baby J from her nap. 

Group Time out at Summer Camp

I highly recommend Group TIme Out

No, wait, I take that back.  My dad’s favorite activity was helping us pack up the car so we could leave cousin camp.  And never come back.

Road trip with kids

We successfully wore the boys out. Baby J is still a little stunned from the entire experience.

Now I keep a diary of all these things so I can pass along my stories to you.  And I keep it in a super cute notebook from MayBooks.  I met  Mica May earlier this year and she has fabulous stuff – check out her website – (great for gifts too!).  And one of you will get one of her adorable notebooks so  you too – can keep track of your crazy stories.  Or grocery lists, love letters, whatever floats your boat.  Just leave me a comment by Wed. June 15th and I’ll draw a winner!

mica may notebook giveaway

One of Mica May's super cute notebooks that I'm giving away!

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23 thoughts on “Cousin Camp. Not for the Faint of Heart – (and another giveaway from May Books!)

  1. I love that your posts are so real. I don’t feel like a failure as a mother after I read your escapades! I mean that in a good way. I feel like I have met a kindred spirit:)

    • Thank you so much Maggie! I really appreciate you saying that. Because sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind – so it is good to know that others feel the same way. 🙂 Let’s definitely keep in touch! And I’ve got your name in the hopper for the notebook!

  2. Marnie ~
    My parents only take one child @ a time, but they do it for two weeks each & I don’t have to be there. That notebook would be perfect for class notes in Sunday School.


    • That is probably a much better scenerio that what we went through. 🙂 And yes, the notebook would be perfect for you and your note taking. 🙂 I’ve got your name in the hopper! See you on Sunday!

  3. Marnie…love this post, as always! Have started forwarding your blog to some friends at work now they enjoy your posts as well! Keep ’em comin’ girl! Terri W

    • Thank you Terri! 🙂 I think you and I need a girls night to make up for the guys night they had last week. 🙂 HOpe Charley made it home okay. 🙂 THanks for reading my blog and hope to see you soon!

  4. Lists, lists and more lists! I love to make lists and cross things off. It’s so satisfying, and this notebook would be a perfect place for all my lists.

  5. My sister used to call it “Grammy Boot Camp!” From getting the kids to sleep through the night, to giving up the pacifier, Boot Camp is a must!!! It also works to let grandparents teach the kids to read…with a popsicle as a reward!

  6. One of my friends lovingly tells her children they can write down their stories in their therapy notebook – I think yours, and mine, could use one…so please pick me for the notebook. Love your stories and the cold hard truth with which you deliver them. Oh, and love you too!

  7. I. Totally. Get. The allergy hell part. Dear Marnie, you are a million times more of a sport than anyone else I know.

  8. LOVE it! Your parents are saints… or nuts. I totally relate to the chaos!!! Great story… just think, you’re making memories for your kids. They will look back on cousin camp and LOVE the experience. Now, will they ever apologize for driving you to drink? Probably not… but, still.

  9. We have camp cousin every summer and every other Christmas which is an all girl camp! So the only time wrestling comes into the picture is when my youngest brother, a.k.a. Uncle Trey, decides to start a match; the girls usually win. I might include camp counselor down time if I could get your special drink recipe.

    Oh yeah, did I mention that this year camp cousin is during my wedding and they all insist on being flower girls? Lord, help me! Also, no alcohol on church premises so I’m out of luck in that regard!

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