Hello Mother-Hello Father…It’s Summer Camp Time. And a Chance to Win a Week at Camp Loughridge!

Summer time.  Those blissful 90 days between the school year full of sun and fun. 

Unless you are a parent.

Then those 90 days can get VERY long. 

So  as a mom of four – I have been checking out  things to do with the kids so we don’t go crazy or have to quit our jobs to entertain the lil’ darlins.

And I must say – I did have quite a bit of fun researching one place in particular.  Camp Loughridge.  Which is now my new favorite place.

Located on 200 acres west of Tulsa, this haven for kids is not only beautiful, but chock full of fun for the kids, guaranteed to wear them out on a daily basis.  Camp Loughridge is a Christian based summer camp where kids ages 6-16 can enjoy all the outdoor activies they love in a safe environment. 

My friends Michelle Linn (anchor of Tulsa’s Fox23 Daybreak) and April Sailsbury (fellow mommy blogger and marketing pro) went with me to check it out.  And of course, my permanent accessory, Baby J. 

SUmmer Fun at Camp Loughridge

Yes, those are hard hats. You really want them on. Promise.

And guess what?  One of you lucky ducks will win a week for your kiddo to this fabulous place.  All you have to do is leave me a comment.  Thank you to Vince and crew at Camp Loughridge.  They are truly some of the neatest people I have ever met.  Baby J loves them too. 

Did I mention they have a 50 foot swing?  Ummm – yes.  It is pretty freaking cool.  And a little bit scary.  

SUmmer Camp for kids

Getting harnessed for the 50 foot swing. Yes I was nervous as heck. 1

 And a few blood curdling screams…

Summer Fun for Kids

Yes, that is REALLY REALLY high. I think that is Michelle.They call me Spiderman...

 Yes – I am getting all fancy and swinging upside down.

Summer Camp for kids at Camp Loughridge

Holy Cow!

And a ZIP LINE!  I used to have one of these in my backyard.  However, it was only five feet off the ground and not FIFTY.  Yes, it is a little nerve racking to climb the pole.  But Holy Cow, what a ride!  I’m going to make Shane build us one in the back yard.

Zip Line at Camp Loughridge

Brave Michelle is climbing the 50 foot pole to the zip line. I am sweating bullets as I take the photo.


Summer Fun at Camp

See those little dots up there? Yep, that is us getting ready to jump off. Seriously. Don't worry, Baby J is not up there.

In addition to the thrilling rides, Camp Loughridge offers a million activities.  Arts and crafts, canoeing (I used to teach this by the way…laughable I know), archery (my weapon loving son is SO excited about this one), dancing, hiking and swimming in their Olympic sized pool. 

More pictures from the challenge course…

Plus the older kids (ages 11-13) get to spend a night at the camp (that equals date night parents!)…AND the 14-16 year olds get to go on a three day backpacking trip (hey, that equals a  mini- vacay)! 

And even better?  You don’t have to pack a lunch for the kids. YAY!  Camp Loughridge serves a hot and healthy meal every day for lunch (and snacks too!).  It’s included in the price. And that’s not all!  Also included is a super cool T-shirt, water bottle, backpack and camp group photo. I’m tellin you – I love this place so much I am trying to figure out a way for them to hire me.  But I just blew my cover on my canoeing skills…

Parents – this camp fills up FAST.  The first three sessions are almost sold out.  BUT, the last sessions are still available and they even go through the first week in August, when most camps and activities stop.   Sessions go June 6-August 5, Monday-Friday from 9-5.  This  is money well spent, fellow parents. 

Remember to post a comment on my blog and win a FREE WEEK TO CAMP!  That is a $234 value.  Actually – the memories your kids create – priceless.

We will do the drawing on Friday, May 13. 

And the Fernandez Fam will see you at Camp Loughridge!  I’ll be on the zip line- not teaching your kids how to canoe.  Promise.


75 thoughts on “Hello Mother-Hello Father…It’s Summer Camp Time. And a Chance to Win a Week at Camp Loughridge!

  1. I have a six-year-old son and have looked in to this camp. Ithink it sounds amazing and liked reading your blog about it. My son’s birthday is actually Friday, May 13th; what a great present for him if he won a week at camp!

    • Yeah! Thanks for reading Jenny! It is a great camp – I fell in love with it. I have a 6 year old boy too – he is very excited about it. I’ve got your name in the drawing! Thanks so much!

  2. I would love for my boys to have a chance to enjoy this camp! Money is tight now though & for one of them to be able to go free would make it more fisable. Keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be lucky. Thanks for sharing the info on the camp.

    • Hi Traci! Thanks for reading – I’ve got your name in the drawing! I also have an 11 year old daughter who is attending the adventure camp. she is really excited about it!

  3. Hi Marnie!
    We LOVE Camp Loughridge and go there every summer. I was even a counselor there one summer, many, many moons ago!

  4. How did I leave my comment on the wrong blog post?

    To reiterate, I would not have gotten on the swing or zip-line. Forget sweat bullets; I would PASS OUT.

    I have 3 kids between the ages of 9 and 16, there might be fist-fights.

  5. My grandaughter’s birthday is 5/10. She has not had the chance to do any camps but it sounds like this is up her alley!!! Like everyone else money is tight and this would be grear.

  6. I cannot say enough positive about the experiences that both of my boys have had at Camp Loughridge. I love that they can enjoy those summer camp activites while being in a Christ-centered environment. For me, it is such a win-win! Camp Loughridge has created memories for a lifetime!

  7. My daughter (13 this summer!) and two of her girfriends have attended Camp Loughridge together from the age 7. This is the highlight of their summer. Their intrests have gone different directions durring the school year (my daughter is in orchestra and plays piano, one girl is a cheerleader and the other is SO smart, and in advanced classes) but Camp Loughridge brings them back together for a few weeks. I LOVE this camp. My daughter will also be attending Kamp Kanakuk for two weeks for the first time this summer… looking forward to both. 🙂

  8. My son has been going for a few weeks each summer and has a blast. This summer he turns 11 on August 1st. It will be his first week at Adventure Camp and he is so excited! He also attends Camp Shalom and New Life Ranch. Very busy guy.

  9. I can HIGHLY recommend this camp. My daughter (who was NOT an outdoor-kinda kid) began going when she was about 7 and is now 13. She has attendeded for at least 3-5 weeks every summer since. She LOVES it. I had to “make” her go the first summer, but she was hooked after that. She has her “camp” friends she gets to reconnect with every summer and always makes new friends too. I can’t say enough good things about CL. She began going to the overnight Adventure Camp last summer and that is even more fun!!!

  10. My son has gone for the last two years. He LOVES it! The counselors are caring and fun loving in a Christian environment.

  11. My 8 YO son went every week last summer and LOVED it!! On the occasions when I would offer to take a day off and pull him out of camp, he would say NO- I don’t want to miss Camp. As a working Mom, I knew hew as in a good place and that was a trememdous relief.
    Incidentally, he’s going back every session this summer!! I offered him other choices- art, soccer or music camps and he’s made the choice… “IT’S CAMP LOUGHRIDGE OR BUST!!

  12. I am a single mom of five children with three in college, plus I am going to school and working full time. My boys are 13 and 11 and would love to go to camp. But due to a very tight budget they are unable to go otherwise. I hope to win a free week so they can enjoy a week of fun this summer.

  13. My 7 year daughter went last year and LOVED it!!! She’s going back for 2 sessions this summer and her 6 year old brother is going for the first time too. Marnie, great pics and great story!! My kids can’t wait for summer camp!!

    • Thanks Jamie! So Jackson is going? What week will he be there? Nicholas will be there for session 3. Thanks so much for reading my blog – I’ve got your name in the drawing for the free camp! Talk to you soon! 🙂 Marnie

      • Jackson is going week of June 20 and July 18. I’m not sure what session those are but hope the boys are there together!!

  14. Our son went to Camp Loughridge last year for the first time. In his very own words, . . . “Dad, this week at camp was ah, . . mazing!” And not only did he have an absolute blast, the feedback that we received from him was living proof that God’s Word & principles were taught. The counselors were very much in tune with each camper on a individual basis, realizing their physical capabilities, yet they were encouraged to reach beyond what they thought they could accomplish! A real faith & confidence builder! We are very much hoping we will be able to send him again this year!

    Thanks Camp Loughridge!!!

    • Wow – what a great testimony to Camp Loughridge. It is truly a great place and we are lucky to have it in Tulsa. I’ve got your name in the drawing for the free week at Camp – thanks so much!

    • Wow – what a great testimony to Camp Loughridge. It is truly a great place and we are lucky to have it in Tulsa. I’ve got your name in the drawing for the free week at Camp – thanks so much!

  15. Camp Loughridge is THE BEST summer camp in the Tulsa area! My 13 year old daughter has been going every summer since she was 6 & cannot wait to become a counselor.

    • I agree – it is one of the best camps ever. And yay for your daughter on wanting to become a counselor – that is awesome! I’ve got your name in the drawing – thanks for reading and good luck!

  16. My boys, 8 and 10 years old, have been to Camp Loughridge the last couple of years and they are loving it. The camp offers alot of different activities. My younger son loved to go hunting for crawfish, swimming and canoe, my older son likes the canoeing, archery and swimming. A free camp would help out this summer 🙂

  17. Oh my daughter loves Camp Loughridge! She’s a kid who loves the activities, fun, chants, songs, sports and friendships, but is very anxious about sleepover camps. Loughridge fills the bill for her! She gets to enjoy all the fun without feeling the fear of HAVING to sleepover. A free week would be fantastic!!!

  18. Camp Loughridge is a great Christian camp. My daughter has met amazing attendees and they are now great friends. I definitely recommend attending this camp.

  19. My two oldest kids, eleven and eight, have each had a blast at Loughridge! They love the mix of adventure, swimming, crafts and spiritual guidance that the counselors are so good at combining. And the chants for each tribe? Those are the priceless summer camp elements kids don’t forget. Good for you for getting on the swing and zip line!

    • Hi Monica! Yes, the swing was scary. I admit it…but what do you do when you’ve got people watching you? Peer pressure. 🙂 Yes, I’m glad your kids love it so much. I’ve got your name in the drawing and thanks for reading!

  20. My 2 kids love this summer camp. They’ve done quite a few & this one is their favorite. Before they went to camp here, I did a Ropes course there with my coworkers. It was then that I found out they had a summer camp. My 11 year old son is old enough to experience the Adventure camp this year for the first time. The hours of the camp allow me & my husband to drop off before work & pick them up after work. Love it!

    • I know – the hours are great for working parents – not all camps have that flexibility! The ropes course is awesome too. THanks for reading my blog – I’ve got your name in for the drawing – thanks Suzie!

  21. My daughter attended camp there last year and LOVED IT!!!! She really wants to go back this year but unless we can pray for a miracle it may not happen again this year. It was such an amazing experience for her. She is usually a shy girl when it comes to big activities like they have but the counselors bring out the best in her and she had a blast!!! I really hope she wins!!! She would be soo excited!!!!

  22. My son has attended Loughridge several years in a row and now my daughter is now old enough and excited to go, I haven’t signed her up yet but was just looking into it. My son is excited to be old enough to go to adventure camp now.

    • Hi Carrie! How fun for your kids – this is the first summer my youngest boy can attend and he is very excited. I’ve got your name in the drawing – good luck and thanks for reading!

  23. My now 8 year old has attend Camp Loughridge for the last two years. She LOVED it! I didn’t know how she would do being away ALL DAY the first year, but she fell in love with her counselors and made so many friends she didn’t even notice she was gone all day. She loved the food, the games, the activities, the songs, the counselors, swimming, the bungee jump, and well, gosh EVERYTHING!!!!!

    Just like everyone else, we’ve had budget cuts……….she and I are cutting every corner we can to come up with the money………….she has called every family member to see if she can go through their couches, dryer vents……….you name it……looking for loose coins! 🙂

    We would love to be able to send her to a session later in the summer while her brother is in Autism Camp!! Winning a session would mean a lot to all of us!!

    Thanks for hosting the drawing! We’ll keep our fingers crossed!!!

    • Hi Missy! So glad to hear your daughter loved Camp Loughridge so much. It truly is a wonderful place. I hope you all will get to come again this year. I’ve got your name in the drawing – we will host it on Saturday. I know how tough budget cuts are. Thanks again for reading and good luck with the drawing!

  24. My 8 year-old loves this camp as he gets to enjoy a week with his buddies and have lots of outdoor fun!

    I love this camp since it not only provides his with some great outdoor activities to do but also reiterate some Christian values.

  25. Camp Loughridge is such a wonderful camp! My seven year old son went there last year for the first time and he LOVED it. I know he would love to go again!

    • Hi Jennifer! Thanks for reading my blog – I appreciate it. I’ve got your name in the hopper! I have two boys, one six and one eight – yours is right in between mine! Maybe we will see you all out there this year!

  26. My granddaughter, Destiny, attended Camp Loughridge for the first time last year. She absolutely loved it!! She is convinced that she is going again this summer and I don’t have the heart to tell her I don’t have the money to help pay for it. I was laid off 2 years ago and have not been able to find a job. It breaks my heart. Destiny is a wonderful girl, she made the Jr. Olympics this year, she loves music and art. Her father was murdered when she was 3 years old, so any positive influences we can get her we try to provide. Please make my granddaughter’s dream of attending Camp Loughridge again this year come true. This grandma will be eternally grateful to you if you do.

    Andrea Tadpole AKA GeGe 🙂

    • Hi Andrea, Thanks for submitting your story I too, hope your daughter can come…I’m so sorry about your losing your job. I can’t imagine how tough that must be. I’ve got your name in the drawing – we will announce the winner on Sat. Thanks so much for reading.

  27. We love Camp Loughridge! This will be our fourth year to attend, and our kids always have a blast! It’s a great option for kids who aren’t ready to leave home overnight yet.

  28. My son said that this camp was his favorite activity he did all year! He will be back every year! Thanks Camp Loughridge!

  29. I have four boys. The older two are old enough to go– it is so exciting for them to go to camp! Every summer after camp, they start talking about the next summer’s camp! It’s great!

  30. My son loves Camp Loughridge! He counted the school days until he could go again. My daughter was so disappointed that again this year she isn’t old enough to attend. My son asked for 2 weeks this year he loved it so much last year. Not only does he attend but his 3 cousins go to!

  31. My daughter has gone to Camp Loughridge since she was 6. Since I work her summer is filled with daycamps. She always says Camp Loughridge is her favorite. She talks about camp all year. She sings the theme songs in the car She loves the swing and says the food is awesome. Camp Loughridge allows the campers to have wholsome fun while allowing their relationship with God grow. She comes home from the first day of camp talking about her new camp friends. Camp Loughridge by far is best daycamp in Tulsa.

  32. My daughter went last year and loved it. She would love to go again! Not sure if the budget will allow! What a great treat to win a week at a wonderful camp!

  33. You did a great story on Camp Loughridge. There are so many wonderful things for the kids to experience, great activities, a great environment and a fantastic message. It is a very positive atmosphere, just a great place for kids! My older kids loved it and have good memories. My littlest one went last year, and is wanting to go back this year… we will see! Fun story!

  34. Thanks for sharing! I love this camp too. Would love to have all my kids go! My 8 year old went the past two years, my 6 year old will hopefully go this year and my 4 year old will be very bugged that he is not old enough, but he is getting used to that saga…in due time!

  35. We love camp Loughridge!! I can’t believe you got to get on the swing! I have been saying I want to go to camp there with my kids since we first went there when my 11year old son was 5. It looks like so much fun 🙂 We would love a week’s tuition! What a great summer gift!

  36. My kids have attended many camps that they prefer not to attend again. This is the ONLY camp they beg me to sign them up for each summer! We LOVE Camp Loughridge!

  37. My son’s first year at Camp Louthridge was last year. He has talked about it ever since!! So much so, that he asked to go again for Christmas. When we started to look at summer plans and what camps were going to be done for the summer, all he cared about was that he was going to Camp Outhridge again 🙂

    I was a camp counselor throughout my college years right outside of Washington D.C. and loved it!! It has been an incredible blessing being able to be on the other side, being the parent and seeing the camp experience through the camper’s eyes. Truly, the experiences my son has had and will continue to have are memories that will last a lifetime!!

  38. My other children have attended in the past and we hope to send the last 2 this summer….truly it is an experience only those who attend can understand the full impact…it’s a blessing for young moldable hearts…thank you Camp Loughridge for being in our community and loving on our children.

  39. My son has attend this camp for I beleive the last 4 years. He loves it there and looks forward to going. I love the staff and the last day they have a program that parents can attend. It’s just a overall awesome camp.

  40. Thank you to everyone for posting a comment! What a great response. And Thank you to Camp Loughridge for giving a week away to this fabulous place! We just did the drawing…and the winner is….Rita Zannotti!
    Rita – congratulations – we will be getting in touch with you soon to get you your information.

  41. I am totally devastated that my granddaughter was not picked for the camp giveaway. I did not realize that his was a luce of the draw contest. I thought it was based on need and if any child NEEDS Camp Loughridge it is my granddaughter. Like I said in my original post, her father was murdered. This has been a difficult struggle for her and her time at Camp Loughridge last year really boosted her confidence. She is so looking forward to and praying that she gets to go. Me and my family have been wiped out by layoffs and not being able to find employment. I am not one who has lived off the system my whole life, I have worked hard, so asking for assistance in any way is not only difficult but humiliating. Yet, I am willing to be both for my granddaughter. She deserves nothing less. If anyone reading this post knows of anyone willing to give my granddaughter the gift of Summer Camp at Camp Loughridge this summer please contact me at atadpole@global.net. I will forever grateful.

    Andrea AKA GeGe

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