Baby J Vs. Man Vs. Food

Preface: I am actually writing this from a shoot for GOOD MORNING AMERICA at 4 a.m. Yep, people, that is just how I roll.

Actually, it really isn’t at all – I have nothing to do with the shoot other than I am supporting my good friend Shannon Wilburn and her company “Just Between Friends” who are being featured on FREAKING GOOD MORNING AMERICA this morning in Dallas! I am rooming with her at Tory Johnson’s “Spark and Hustle” conference so thought it would be pretty cool to go with her to the shoot. (It was a pretty good idea until the alarms went off at 3:30. That would be AM).

This would be me after being jarred awake by five alarms at 3:30 A freaking M.

Okay – and I am totally digressing from the subject of my blog. Which is my own big news.

I GOT TO MEET ADAM FROM MAN VS. FOOD. And for those of you who do not know – this is a nationally syndicated show on the Travel Channel. (And he has quite a following – and in Tulsa – you would have thought there was an Elvis sighting…people were freaking out). Not only did I get to meet him, but was also interviewed to be on an episode! HIGHLIGHT of my career – seriously.

So, for those of you that follow my FB page – know that i”m obsessed with a restaurant in downtown Tulsa called Elote. It is just the best place ever. And so are their owners Libby and Jeremy. I love them so much I starting working for them for burritos and margaritas (and of course wine).

They’ve got an amazing thing going with their place – locally owned, organic and locally grown food, puffy tacos and LUCHADOR wrestling. I’m tellin ya people, – it is worth the trip. apparently so did Adam and the crew of Man Vs. Food. They filmed an episode on Wednesday. We were on top-secret mode until the day of the shoot.

So I didn’t tell anyone but Baby J.

She was pretty excited.

When I told my other three that we were going to dinner at Elote to watch them film an episode – they had mixed reactions.

“But can I still get a Sprite?”
“Yeah! Man Vs. Wild Mom! Will we get to “survive”? No honey, this is Man Vs. Food. “What? Who is that?” Nevermind – go back to eating your bugs.
“Umm…will I get to miss school?”

Clearly, my kids weren’t quite a starstruck as I was. NIcholas quickly lost interest in the filming and went open doors for people…I think he has found his calling as a door man.

But it was a sight to behold. ANd Baby J loved her brush with fame.

Actually, she loved the refried beans much more.

Baby J ate all of Liz's lunch. Thinking she could give Adam a run for his money.

But Adam was SMITTEN with sweet Baby J. I am pretty sure that is the only reason he wanted to interview me was to get to my Baby.

My friend Liz, Adam from Man Vs. Food, Me and Baby J covered in beans.

And she could have cared less.

Especially after all day with no nap. Bless her heart – I dragged her all over town doing promotional interviews for Elote – she even helped me do a live interview on the Edge earlier that day. On my hip. WIth a Luchador next to us. Just an everyday occurence for a one-year old.

Live from the EDGE...

So, alas – after 12 hours baby J had enough. And she made sure to let everyone know it.

So after all that – we actually missed the puffy taco throwdown…but we’ll catch it when the episode airs this summer. I’ll just have to trick my hubby and my son that we are really going to watch Man Vs. Wild. If Bear Grylls ever comes to town – watch out – the Fernandez Family (minus mommy) will be on Stalk Mode.

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8 thoughts on “Baby J Vs. Man Vs. Food

  1. We absolutely LOVE Elote, one of our favorite places to eat and entertain as a family. And we don’t live in town, but it is sooo worth the drive. Actually it is easier to get to than all those other places over in South Tulsa. When I saw the race posted last month my family decided to go for it. They even have their costumes picked out to wear. Luchador Run here we come.

  2. Jealousy two parter: I LOVE Elote myself. I’ve highly suggested to their wait staff several times that they need to get a second location out south for us Southies…especially considering their food is from N. Dallas, I mean Bixby. No really…I would make ALL of my friends go there. It would be a big hit. πŸ™‚
    Husband loves Man vs. Food. We watch it all of the time. I need to stay on top of Twitter more so that I don’t miss it.

    • I live way the heck out east – closest thing to us is the Hard Rock. πŸ™‚ Don’t think they will add an elote our here anytime soon…so we drive in ALL the time to go there. Such a great place! Stay on twitter so you don’t miss the annoucement for when the episode will air! Elote is going to host a watch party! And thanks for reading my blog…:)

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