The Sick Gods Must Be Laughing

I need a do-over on this week. Wait, I take it back. I’d like a do-over on the month of February…and while we are at it – maybe a do-over for the year…can someone please make that happen?

So we survived (barely) the Fernandez Flu Outbreak and Snowmaggedon. Surely things would begin to look up…one would think anyway.

This was the week that Shane’s dad was coming to visit. He lives in Manila. That would be Manila, PHILIPPINES…so let’s just say we don’t get to see him often. He gets to come about once a year and stays for about a week.

We were so excited for him to meet his sweet, adorable fun loving granddaughter Baby J. I couldn’t wait for her to squeal with delight and amuse him with her funny antics.

Well, squeal she did. Our sweet baby daughter decided on the DAY of his arrival to begin cutting teeth. Like ALL of her teeth at once. Holy Cow, our baby was possessed. Wouldn’t even let “Lolo” (what the kids call him) get NEAR her. Screamed, yelled, squealed, you name it. And to top it off, she would not go to sleep. For almost 36 hours Baby J was wide awake (so guess who else was wide awake too). It was brutal.


(our possessed baby)

Poor Lolo. He’s been here three days and still hasn’t gotten to hold her. I don’t think he believes us when we tell him she is really a sweet loving child…

Oh, and it gets better. I go to pick up Jade and Tristan’s from their mom’s house on Monday. Tristan looks like he’s been watching too many chick-flicks and tells me he has “boogers” in his eye. And they were bright pink. You’ve got to be kidding – pink eye?…we JUST got rid of the freaking flu.

So Tristan barely got to say hi to Lolo before I whisked him off to the Urgent Care…again. I feel like Norm in Cheers – everyone at the UC knows our name. One of my friends joked that we need a punch card…(haha…NOT).

Tristan was beside himself…for some reason he had it in his head that the pink-eye was going to turn him into a zombie (?!?!). He screamed and cried like I’ve never seen him do – it was horrible. And we missed the special home-cooked dinner in honor of Shane’s dad (no, I didn’t cook it, but still).

Came home to another screaming child, quarantined Tristan, and disinfected the entire house, while trying to make polite conversation with our house guest. It was not my most stellar moment.

In the meantime, my car which is already held together with duct tape, still smells like death and looks like a hazardous material waste dump gets another lovely addition. One of my darling children has kicked in the rear speaker and drew on the leather seats with a Sharpie. Yeah!

Did I also mention that I have also had a migraine for the past three days? And our dog ran off? And I missed a deadline for an article? AND had to reschedule my hair appointment?!?!?! (If you’ve seen my hair lately, you would understand my distress).

I came home last night from a long day of schlepping kids, meetings and parent teacher conferences (another blog altogether) to find that Shane’s dad was going to stay at Shane’s brother’s house that evening.

Great, we ran him off.

And of course, Murphy’s Law…Baby J slept all through the night. Go freaking figure.

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