The Fernandez Family Christmas Tree Outing (or the longest day ever).

The Fernandez Family Christmas Tree Outing (or the longest day ever).


So this year was probably my fav Thanksgiving ever. And we didn’t even travel (hmmm…lesson to be learned there). We got to spend lots of quality time with both our families (except my brother, but that is his fault…love you anyway Dave). And the bonus? Somehow I made it through the entire holiday weekend without having to cook. Yes, people, I am good…if any of you need tips on how to get out of holiday cooking, I’m your person.

But I digress…

However, all good things must come to an end…and the last day of our break was the annual trek for the Fernandez Family Christmas Tree. Griswalds, you look like a Norman Rockwell painting compared to our brood.

First of all, I need to get these idyllic images out of my head completely. Really, I amaze myself with my ability to continually psyche myself up for these picture perfect memories I create in my head. Because nine times out of ten, they do just that – remain in my head.

Don’t plan an all day tree hunting outing/decorating/creating wonderful family memories adventure the day after your husband goes to bedlam and gets home at 2 a.m. and your step daughter goes to a slumber party. It kinda ruins the spirit when you have a cranky husband and your 10 year old stays home to take a nap…

Regardless, the five of us loaded up the family truckster and drove 30 miles to our favorite tree farm – Pleasant Valley Farms (just outside of Sand Springs).

I was so excited for Baby J to meet Santa. Nicholas was donned in his best elf hat (think deranged Christmas elf) and Tristan was wondering why we couldn’t just go buy a tree in a box so we didn’t have to go to the farm (he is not a fan of the great outdoors).

We pull up and Shane immediately walks to the first tree and calls it a day. Seriously? We did NOT just drive all this way to grab a tree and head on home. There was Santa to visit, hot chocolate to sip, walking hand in hand through the forest of trees until we found the perfect one, kids laughing, parents smiling…the whole nine yards. Shane was not amused.

I drag the kids into the cabin because dang it, we were going to have a good time and have some darling pictures taken with Santa. Tristan runs up first, jumps on Santa’s lap and proceeds to tell him all the bad things he has done this year, but that he is really sorry (gotta hand it to the kid for honesty). Nicholas jumps in on top of Tristan and tells Santa his wish list…which with the exception of an elf costume, happen to be all weapons. I’m sure Santa is wondering what the heck kind of kids we are raising…

So I excitedly place Baby J on Santa’s lap and wait for her to squeal with laughter and pose for the camera. Instead, Baby J went ballistic and completely freaked out. Why do I continue to be surprised by these things?

So while I’m calming down Baby J and Shane is strapping the tree to the car; both boys took off and we lost them in the tree forest. (So I did get to skip through the forest…not quite the way I envisioned…but skipped nonetheless).

DSC00326.JPG DSC00327.JPG

We made it home, unloaded the tree and realized the hole wasn’t the right size for the base. After a few curse words, Shane tried to drill a hole in the tree, then realized I had accidentally unplugged his battery charger…oops. So we have to wait an hour (while our tree is dying) for the battery to charge. Only to realize after that hour, that he doesn’t not have the right size drill bits. More curse words. I offer to go to Lowes…drill bits, how hard can that be? Ummm…that is another blog post altogether.

By the time we actually got the tree up, it has been eight hours since the start of our trek and we are all tired and cranky. But we preserved and only with a few broken ornaments and maybe a few more meltdowns, we finally finished. And if the tree lives through the holidays, then it will definitely be a Christmas miracle.

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