Surviving Summer: The first week. (or yes, I need a drink).

Yes, I have three other children. I know that Baby J has stolen the spotlight for the past several months; which is kinda funny because all she does is eat, sleep, poop and eat some more.

But yes, I do have FOUR children now…(how did this happen???) and we just barely survived our first week of summer vacay (and I truly mean just BARELY).

I’ll just give you the highlights since again, my darling baby J doesn’t allow much time for creative writing. (I guess my best selling novel will just have to wait a while).

So, we spent the first week at my parents house…thinking this would be great since my hubby had to work and I would have some help with my kiddos (have I mentioned that I have FOUR?? Just checking). First of all, I spent an entire work day…(all of eight hours) just packing for five of us to be gone for a few days. Unreal. Then we had to figure out how to fit it all in my car and still leave room for the kiddos. I was worn out before we even left town.

After several rounds of “When are we going to get there?” and “Tristan stole my alien!” and “Nicholas hit me!” and “Baby J just pooped in her pants! Ewww GROSS!” we finally arrived. It was only a 90 mile ride, but felt oh so much more.

Here is what happened in just one day: I dropped off my step-daughter at tennis camp, while one of the boys jumped out of the car and peed in front God and everyone else, and baby J is screaming in the background (we made a great first impression). I dropped off the boys with my parents to walk with my friend, and not even ten minutes into the walk, I get a panicked call from my mom…my son is having a major meltdown because I left. So I load up, go home only to have to leave again to pick up her up at camp (and somehow breastfeed my other daughter in the middle of this).

Then we took all the kids to my parent’s neighborhood pool. One of the kids decided it would be fun to pretend to drown while causing me to jump over a fence and an older lady to jump in the water to save him. My heart fell in my stomach and I was hysterical until he informed us that he was “just faking” (apparently, he had just watched the “Sandlot”, but there was no cute lifeguard to save him…). Anyway, suffice to say he got in a lot of trouble. While I was taking him home, my best friend stayed to watch all our other kids. WHile she turned her back my other son decided to sneak out of the gate and try to follow us home (on foot). After another panicked phone call (my heart can’t take this anymore), they found him trying to navigate his way to Nanny and DadDad’s house. Holy Cow.

During this time, my oldest is trying to manipulate me to having a friend come spend the night (because we don’t have enough kids already) and when we said no she shut herself in her room (well, it was my room actually, and I must say I shut myself in that room many a time…). So KID DRAMA all darn day long. I was so stressed by this point that apparently I wasn’t producing any milk. So everytime I tried to feed Baby J, she would scream bloody murder which did not help my stress level one bit. At this point I was about to break in my parent’s liquor cabinet…wait, they don’t have one…

There is actually more to this story (seriously), but at the risk of someone turning me into DHS and the fact that my 15 minute window of free time is up…I must run. Baby J is calling…(and so is SUMMER CAMP).

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