Snips and Snails or Sugar and Spice?

Yesterday was our big day to find out the sex of Baby Fernandez. Honestly, I wanted to wait until the baby was born – but caved under the relentless pressure from Shane (he’s really good). So we did a compromise – we took the sealed ultrasound results to a baker (Andrea from Antoinette’s Baking Co – she is awesome!) and had her make a cake with a pink or blue filling and we had a party with our entire family to cut the cake.

Oh – tensions were high all day…Jade was absolutely beside herself and busied herself with party preparations (I think she has found her calling as an event planner). Shane was about to go nuts as we had our ultrasound two weeks ago and I wouldn’t let him peek! I must admit – I was getting excited to find out too. The boys were just ready to eat the cake.

So this entire pregnancy – Shane and I have been convinced the baby was a boy. So was the rest of the family – in fact – Jade held a contest for everyone in attendance – and the vote was 10- 5 in favor of a boy. We had already prepared Jade (who has been praying non stop for a girl, bless her heart, she is surrounded by boys) to be excited no matter what – so even she was convinced it was a boy (and was already negotiating a trade at the hospital).

So the big moment arrives…(feel the anticipation in the air…) and Shane, the kids and I held the knife to cut into the cake…drumroll please…PINK filling! Holy cow – Shane and I looked at each other in disbelief. Everyone clapped while Jade did her happy dance screaming with delight. In the midst of the chaos – we looked down to see Tristan with his head on the table and Nicholas was in tears. So much for our happy family moment!

Tristan wouldn’t talk for like 30 minutes. My dramatic son Nicholas carried on for at least that long…every time we asked him what was wrong – it went from he was sad we were having a girl, to everyone was too loud, to he didn’t want Izzy (our French Bulldog) to die. I am pretty sure he would have cried no matter what the outcome. I have NO idea where he got that dramatic streak…

We had barely served the cake and Jade was already writing down baby names and picking out items for the nursery. This baby thing maybe easier than I thought – I have my own personal assistant! Once Tristan got a little sugar in his system, he quickly forgot about how his world was coming to an end and started wrestling with his cousins (who are boys; the kid will be just fine). Nicholas milked his meltdown as long as he could with his grandmother holding him in her lap (she is a sucker).

After everyone left Shane sat the kids down and talked to them about what it would mean to have a baby sister. Jade can’t wait to buy cute girl clothes for her and wants to take her to school in her backpack. Tristan wants to teach her how to play with Transformers. And finally Nicholas, starting to warm up to the idea of a sister, says he is going to teach her how to “survibe in the woods by eating bugs.” (too many Survivor Man episodes with Shane). Hey, at least it’s a start.

And how do we feel? Shane is excited, but at the same time worried about handling “two Marnies” (hey, I’m not THAT bad). I’m still in shock. My dad is thrilled. “Time for paybacks!” was his only comment with a huge grin on his face. However, she will have a better chance at driving his car than I ever will.

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