Ramblings of A Snowbound Mama

So here we are on day two of being stranded at home during the epic blizzard of 2011. Or Snowapocalypse, snowmagedon, snowpooloza, slizzard, or whatever name you want to call it. My personal favorite is slizzard (cross between sleet and blizzard). Don’t ask me why – it’s just kinda fun to say.

Honestly, I was secretly hoping it would be as bad as they said…stranded at home with the family…lots of together time, playing games, cooking, sledding, etc.

Be careful what you wish for.

I adore my family. I really really do.

BUT (you knew that was coming)…six people and two dogs cooped up in a house with nowhere to go, too doggone cold for the kids to play outside*, two with the flu, a mobile baby who is into everything, running out of alcohol…and a restless hubby. You get the picture.

*Sidebar: After INCESSANT nagging from Nic to go outside in sub zero weather and blowing snow, I finally acquiesced and let him learn the hard way. I made him wear Jade’s snowboots because we couldn’t find his… in hindsight –not a very smart move on mommy’s part. In less than five minutes he face-planted into a snowdrift twice his size and his boots came off. We couldn’t hear him screaming until he was almost to the house limping BAREFOOT in two feet of snow. He was beside himself and so was mommy. Nic was frozen solid and will probably never ever go outside again. Oops.*

(Nicholas before the face-plant)

And I thought the snow days would make me extra productive…I mean what else do I have to do but clean out closets, organize my spice drawers, cook gourmet meals (ha! just making sure you were paying attention) and write my best-selling novel? (Didn’t the Pioneer Woman write her book on a snow day? Or in between herding cows and churning butter…I forgot.)

And yet, here I sit on the couch – still in PJs. From two days ago. (Mom, I did at least change my underwear, promise.).

On the other end of the spectrum there is my husband. Since the blizzard began, he has rescued our neighbor who was stranded on the side of the highway (yes, his near death experience will be in tomorrow’s Tulsa World), shoveled our patio, porch AND driveway (and people, we live on a pecan orchard – it is a VERY long driveway – oh yeah, and our neighbor’s driveway too), hung a wall of pictures, reorganized his office, designed a couple houses, cooked dinner, built a fire, played with the kids, worked out and did our taxes. (not really on the taxes, but it sounded impressive).

I am a slug.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Guess the bestselling novel is going to have to wait. Maybe I’ll just have the hubby write it. Much better odds of it getting finished

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Official kid wrangler of four. Step mom, adoptive mom & bio mom. City girl turned country bumpkin. Small town girl next door married to Hollywood sniper/moto-cross/ninja architect. Career girl turned stay-at-home mom with baby on hip. Permanent taxi-cab driver, schedule organizer and professional laundress. (When not chasing kids...) Mommy blogger, columnist, travel writer and consultant. And no, I don't sleep. And yes, I take Prozac. And drink wine from sippy cups.

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