On The Brink…


Of a breakdown.

Day seven of Snowmageddon. Feels like day seventy-seven. I’ve had two kids with the flu, baby with a stomach bug and a hubby with a combo of both. I have left the house twice in one week and am starting to hallucinate about palm trees and pina coladas.

Seriously people…I am so over this. And I know I’m not the only one…I’ve been commiserating with my mom friends (via email since I can never leave…). I know there are people far worse off…so I feel like I shouldn’t complain.

But I will anyway.

And for whatever reason, our misadventures in the blizzard have seemed to attract media attention. Shane’s rescuing his neighbor on the side of the highway made the Tulsa World – our running out of toilet paper and being trapped in the house made an AP story that is still being circulated – and last but not least – our first outing out of the house resulted in a news crew following our family around the zoo. (it was like filming the release of caged animals…).


(our one and only outing…at the zoo)

Regardless of the media attention – this has gotten really really old. And we are expecting another 6-10 inches of snow tomorrow. At this rate, our kids will be in school until the fourth of July…or as one of my friends so eloquently put it, “our kids will become uneducated simpletons…” Well said Shelley Heckenkemper.

I guess this is when homeschooling has its advantages. (except for the teaching at home part…).

So this morning my six year old had school. The other two did not. This did not go over so well with Nicholas. This morning was rough – trying to get everyone ready (Shane is still sick in bed DANG IT). Nicholas did NOT want to go – and of course, we can’t find his hat/gloves anywhere. And something seemed to have died in my car. The smell was ATROCIOUS. We are of course running late, so I did not have time to investigate and I still have to pick up my nephew and take him as well. So of course, what do I do? Race out of the garage and smash my rearview mirror to smithereens. Shane heard the crash, walks outside, sees the mirror, turns around and walks back in the house. That is not a good sign.

Thirty minutes late – we roll up to the school and I try to unload three kids onto the snow and ice. Nicholas takes a nasty fall on the ice – screams bloody murder – glasses fly – I throw Josie to my friend Liz who also starts screaming bloody murder (Josie, not Liz)…as I try to console and peel my son off the sheet of ice. Totally forgot that I also have my nephew who has wandered off somewhere. With the help of my friends (thank you guys!), I got all three of them inside the school – Nicholas and Josie still crying and my nephew was totally bewildered. I am looking for my flask.

As I drive home with what’s left of my rearview mirror flapping in the wind and the acrid smell of death or a dirty diaper in the car…Baby J starts to cry again.. So what else do I do, but pull off the side of the road and join her.

Snowmageddon has won. I cry uncle.

P.S. Later the same day…I see my dear friend Nancy. She said it looked like I was wearing the same outfit that I had on yesterday on the news…Why yes, Nancy. I have not changed clothes or showered in over 48 hours. Tomorrow’s not looking good either.


(our backyard…)

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