Older But Wiser…(oh, who am I kidding?)

My sis-in-law and I were reminiscing this morning about what possessed us to take our infant firstborns to Festival of the Trees (for those of you non-Tulsans, it’s a family event at the Philbrook Museum of Art). They were probably not even six weeks old. But we were bound and determined to lug ALL of our baby gear, strollers and all to fight the crowds so our newborns could experience the grandeur of the Christmas season. Seriously. We both left with crying babies and migraines.

Or how about the time we dressed up our babies and dragged them out to the mania that is called HallowZOOeen? With babies who can’t even focus or eat the candy? Really… What were we thinking? Or dragging them to pumpkin patches, parks and the zoo before they can even hold up their heads? And we were determined to have a good time gosh-darn-it…but somehow things never quite turned out that way.

I also remember dragging my son to the annual Boo Ha Ha parade with a bunch of other new moms – we thought this would be the time of our lives. Ha! We were a bit delusional. Our babies were screaming in their costumes (for those that even let their moms put them on) and we were so stressed out we couldn’t even talk to each other over the chaos and again – I left with a massive migraine. Those were good times.

And the ONE-YEAR OLD birthday party. Good Lord – I almost gave myself a nervous breakdown over that shindig. Handmade invitations, fully catered meal, over the top decorations and a special outfit – RIDICULOUS for a child who will have absolutely no recollection of this day. And he cried the entire time (so did mommy).

Now that I’m getting ready to have another one – I can tell you right now – we will NOT be leaving the house until that child is potty-trained and mommy is fully medicated. (Or Jade is old enough to drive…then that brings on an entirely different set of issues…for another blog).

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Official kid wrangler of four. Step mom, adoptive mom & bio mom. City girl turned country bumpkin. Small town girl next door married to Hollywood sniper/moto-cross/ninja architect. Career girl turned stay-at-home mom with baby on hip. Permanent taxi-cab driver, schedule organizer and professional laundress. (When not chasing kids...) Mommy blogger, columnist, travel writer and consultant. And no, I don't sleep. And yes, I take Prozac. And drink wine from sippy cups.

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