Oh Where Oh Where Did My Baby Go?

Oh Where Oh Where Did My Baby Go?


This post will be a bit more sappy than most. Partly because I’m PMSing (is that really a word?), partly because I drank too much wine last night and mostly because my first born turns six tomorrow. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. (not the drank too much wine part…although when will I learn…)

Six years ago this darling, mischievous, mop of curly hair (he had his first haircut at four months!) bundle of joy came into my life. And he has been keeping me on my toes ever since.

For those of you that know my little “Nic-Nic” (a name coined by his daycare buddies), or for those of you that follow his quips on my Facebook page, know that he is quite a character. In fact, one of my friends wants him to have his own Twitter account…reminiscent of the S*-% My Dad Says blog and TV show. If I weren’t so doggone tired from chasing him and my three others all the time, I might look into it. Then maybe I could afford a maid, cook and chauffeur….
But I digress.

I remember when Dr. Cox (remember him from all my pregnancy posts? He’s not so bad…kidding, I heart him) handed Nicholas to me in the hospital and called me mom. I remember feeling like I was having a complete out of body experience. Ummm….mom? Are you people talking to me? What in the heck am I supposed to do now? I was completely overwhelmed and I’m pretty sure it showed. We took him home from the hospital (without taking a test, without an instruction book, seriously, isn’t there something wrong with this picture?) I remember him looking so small and helpless (except for the massive head of hair) as we strapped him in the car seat and headed off to become parents to this child who would depend on us for the rest of his life. No pressure there.

And then the next six years flew by.

He has made me laugh every day of his short little life. From his crazy head of hair (think mini Gene Wilder), to stealing gum from my friends purses, to trying to get my coworkers to make him coffee (at age 3),(at age 5 he stepped it up a notch and actually ordered a beer at a restaurant) to his fascination with body parts, bodily functions and urinating in public, and his dance moves to “Baby Got Back” (somewhere we skipped Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) to his love for all creatures (dead or alive), Nicholas Adam Ducato has had the ability to make everyone around him laugh. (And has caused mama quite a few gray hairs; thank God for Curtis, my awesome hairstylist).


And since his dad’s and my divorce, there is a hole in my heart every day he is not with me. I don’t think that ever goes away.
Happy Birthday to my dear, sweet, funny little boy. May the next six years go by a little more slowly please.

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