Moving at the Speed of Sound

So once again, my life has changed. After ten months, Baby J is on the move. And boy is she ever. Although there was a part of me that was getting a little concerned she wasn’t crawling yet (our other kids all crawled around six months, and according to Shane’s mother, apparently, he was walking straight out of the womb…) we were starting to wonder if there was something wrong.

But at the same time, it’s kinda hard to learn to be mobile when you are held 24 hours a day. Between siblings (especially Jade, her “mini-mom”), grandparents, friends, strangers, the cable guy (just kidding) that poor baby was never ever put down. Jade carries Baby J around like some sort of accessory – and even Nicholas drags his poor sister all over the playground, much to the other mom’s horror (but he hasn’t dropped her yet…).

So no wonder it’s taken her a bit longer to learn. But secretly, I was in no hurry. Because where it was impossible to get anything accomplished before? Add a mobile baby and forget about it. There goes whatever nano-second of time to yourself you ever had (if you were that lucky) and it is now gone forever. Or at least until they are all out of the house. (and I’m going to be REALLY old by then).

(Moving at the speed of sound…)

Our house now looks like an obstacle course…pillows covering sharp corners, barricades set up all over the place…between baby proofing and Nicholas’s obsession with booby traps – we are not going to win the Better Homes and Gardens home of the year.

Sidebar: Who are these people featured in BHG anyway? They all have freaking kids and these amazing houses with NO booby traps, safety gates or décor by Fisher Price. Really? I think these are fake families. I mean who lives like that? And if you do, I do not want to be your friend. (well secretly I do…but only if you can help me transform my house).

Again, I digress.

The only reason I am even writing this right now is because Baby J is at Mother’s Day Out. Thank the Lord for the person who invented MDO. Because my days are now spent between driving every highway in Tulsa County, and now chasing a baby who is ecstatic with her newfound freedom (who knew a baby could move so fast?). I had to maneuver myself through the obstacle course just to find a place to sit. And now that I am sitting…I may never ever again get up. (Will someone PLEASE go pick up my kids?)

Did I also mention that the week Baby J decided to finally crawl is the same week my husband had minor surgery and was home in bed unable to help with any of the kids for three days? Yep. It has been a super fun week.

And so much for my sitting down. I smell something burning from my kitchen. Dang it. Forgot about my pizza in the oven…*sigh*.


(Baby J is quite pleased with herself).

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