Mama’s Got Her Groove Back…

Well, I tried anyway…but this old gray mare ain’t what she used to be…(hmmm, let’s see if I can use any more clichés?).

Last weekend was my fifteenth annual Girl’s Weekend trip. Six of my besties and I have been getting together once a year every summer since we were wee little ones. Well, maybe early twenties and we’ll leave it at that.

I was counting down the minutes (is that bad?) until the rubber hit the road (in more ways than one which became our demise on the way home). I love my Baby J dearly but I hadn’t been away from her for more than it takes to get from one feeding to the next, which doesn’t leave much time to have a drink, much less get in a groove. And for all you mamas out there, ya’ll know how important it is to get our groove back…it is downright therapeutic.

So I was in charge of planning this year’s getaway…and with a little thing called childbirth and four kids…time got away from me and next thing I know, my father is planning our trip (don’t ask). We ended up in Branson Mo, home of the Baldknobbers (I think one of their relatives worked on my car on the way home) and Dolly Parton’s horse lovin’ corral, the Dixie Stampede. The average age of a tourist in Branson is either five years or seventy- five years old, without a whole lot in between.

My dad got us a condo with his timeshare, but somehow neglected to tell the lovely peeps at Blue Falls Village that this was Girl’s Weekend, not Retirement Weekend. Our condo was very nice (thank you daddy!) and even came equipped with handicap ramp, wheelchair rails, handicapped shower and a therapeutic hot tub (also with rails). We are reserving this condo again for our 40th annual girl’s weekend; it might come in handy.

So needless to say, we were the hottest things the staff had seen at the Blue Falls Village in a long time (which was great for this new mama’s self esteem!). We attracted quite a bit of attention at the pool (could also be the Skip and Go Naked drinks that my friend Candace made)…and pretty much everywhere else we went.

I won’t get into the sordid details of the weekend…but let’s just say there was drinking, dancing and debauchery (and maybe a little wedding crashing too)…and three days later, I am still trying to recover. Note to self: when trying to relive my youth, please let me remember that I have four kids to come home to. Ugh. Lesson learned.

Although I missed my kiddos (daddy did AWESOME with Operation Baby J!), and my car broke down on the way home and we were stranded in Ozark, MO with descendants of the Baldknobbers who tried to fix my car (entirely different posting altogether)…the 48 hours with my girlfriends did wonders for my psyche and my soul (even if not my liver). I love you girls…and what happens at Girl’s Weekend, stays at Girl’s Weekend (see, I knew I could fit in another cliché…).

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