Mama Needs A Makeover…

DSC01522 (2).jpg My buddy Jen, Baby J and I on a shopping (oops, I mean research) trip for my makeover story. DSC01529 (2).jpgDSC01530 (2).jpgAttention all you haggard, sleep deprived and overworked moms. Yeah, I’m talking to you…the ones who drive carpool, never wash their hair (that would be me), drink wine from sippy cups to keep yourself sane(that would also be me)…you know who you are. This is when it will actually pay to read my blog because guess what?

One of you lucky readers is gonna get a makeover. WEEE! And I am so jealous….but since I am writing the story, I can live vicariously through you. And maybe even sneak in your facial chair when you aren’t looking….

ANYWAY. I just returned from the Tulsa State Fair where I chaperoned my son’s field trip. Oh. My. I am in serious need of a makeover, drink, nap, ANYTHING after that beating. So I saw at least a thousand moms who were in my same shoes who I know would love one as much as I do.

By the way…for those of you who routinely volunteer to chaperone field trips? My hats off to you. Seriously. How do you do it. I was just totally naive…but now I can join the ranks of those warrior moms who do field trips. Except I’m not sure I’m gonna go back. I think I am scarred for life. But I digress….

Again, one well deserving mama is going to get a day of pampering courtesy of Tulsa Kids Magazine (dontcha just love them?), I will document the entire process and it will be featured in Tulsa Kids December issue! The lucky mom will get a facial, hair cut and style.make up application and will get a chance to get photographed in some awesome clothes from stores like Little Black Dress (I already did some pre-shopping there…super cool stuff!) and Ribbons (oops, had to do some pre shopping there as well…research don’t you know?) on Peoria. I mean really. How freaking cool is that. Dang it, I wish I could enter the contest.

So, all you have to do is post to my blog (not to the email or the facebook link…that’s cheating!) as to why you need a makeover. Our esteemed staff at Tulsa Kids will pick a winner and I’ll be in touch to get you started. OOHHH…this is when I love my job as a blogger.

What are you waiting for moms? Post away and we will pick a winner next Wednesday, October 13th. If you win, you have to agree to let us do before and after pics….(and no, you can’t put a paper bag over your head for the before shot…I already thought of that cuz that is something I would do).

Post away mamas! I am excited to meet our winner. Now I’m off to pour more wine into my sippy cup.

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