If the Shoe Fits…


So, I admit it…I haven’t been shopping for myself since, oh before I found out I was pregnant with Baby J. First of all, I’m too stinking tired; secondly, I now have FOUR children to buy clothes for (what is that nursery rhyme about the woman who ran around naked because she had to have clothes for all her millions of kids…or something like that); and thirdly, I REFUSE to buy any new clothing until I get back to Pre Baby J weight. Which doesn’t look like that is happening anytime soon.

However, that apparently doesn’t apply to shoes. I was at a girls night with some of my buddies and happened to mention in passing to my shoe-a-holic friend Jennifer, who seriously can give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money (that’s okay, she realizes she has a problem) that I hadn’t bought a new pair of shoes in over a year. The look of absolute horror crossed her face and if she wasn’t holding my Baby J, I am pretty sure she would have fallen out of her chair.

So, that was it. Like my underwear intervention before my honeymoon (thanks Missy, even though I can’t fit into any of them anymore…but I digress), we are off to Jennifer’s Mother ship, the Glass Slipper.

Okay, even for a non-shoe person like me, this is truly a mecca of heels, bling and all shoes fashionable. They have everything for every budget…(even super-cute clothes and jewelry from the awesome Nattie Blue!). The Glass Slipper rocks. I walk in to meet Jennifer (and her darling 10 month old son, pictured above, who also likes shoes thank God), and I am immediately overwhelmed. I start to hyperventilate, but Jennifer takes over, sits me down and immediately starts bringing out shoes for me to try.

*And BONUS, for all you peeps in the Tulsa area, they are having a Gi-normous sale for the rest of the month! They are located at 81st and Lewis in the Plaza…! Whee!!*

So with the help of Jennifer, Baby Landen and Julie (my other friend who just happens to work there on the weekends), we got me a shoe makeover. I went out of my comfort zone and bought some awesome BCBG champagne colored strappy heels (will look great when I’m doing housework, but hey, they were on sale!) which immediately made me feel not so “mom-ish” and even kinda sexy (when I wasn’t tripping in them, but I’m getting the hang balancing Baby J in my heels).

So even though I won’t be buying any new clothes until these last freaking twenty pounds come off, I can spruce up my wardrobe with SHOES! I may become a shoe-a-holic after all…(but have a LONG ways to go to compete with Jennifer who has over 250 pairs…NOT KIDDING). But hey, we all need to have dreams. Thanks Glass Slipper and Jennifer, for making this haggard mom-of-four feel like Cinderella (the one at the ball, not the one sweeping the floor…).

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