Hail to JBF!

Discretionary Income. That is no longer a word that exists in my vocabulary. Stay-at-home-mama with four kids doesn’t leave a lot of extra cash. And budgeting just ain’t my thing. (My hubby can attest). So thank the good sweet Lord for one of my besties, Shannon Wilburn and her AMAZING enterprise…Just Between Friends or just JBF for all you cool mom folk.

And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you have been hiding under a rock. Because it is seriously the best thing since sliced bread (and so is Shannon if you haven’t met my dynamite friend).

So, what started out as a way to save money between a few friends in Shannon’s garage…has now grown into a nationwide phenomenon….(even made it to Good Morning America!). Just Between Friends is the nation’s largest consignment franchise system of its kind. And for budget conscious mamas such as myself…it is a Godsend.

(In fact, Shannon has reached somewhat of a celeb status…I drop her name all the time…people are like…WOW, you are actually friends with her?? Yeah, you can touch me).

So I’m yet again digressing….here is the skinny. We all have kid stuff we need to get rid of…it’s called purging because you do not want to end up on TLC’s new show Hoarders…ANYWAY. And we all need new stuff! So let’s sell our old and buy some awesome new (gently used) gear and duds for our kiddos at some MAJORLY cheap prices.

I’m pricing stuff as we speak and I’m so excited. Last sale I bought stuff for my sweet Baby J…for probably 60% less than if I had bought it retail. And she’s already outgrown it…so guess what…it’s going back to the sale. And it is SO easy to do. And bonus… the Tulsa sale (which starts this weekend) has just announced that they are adding 100 more consignors…so start your closest cleaning NOW!

So you get to purge your stuff and make some extra cash. And if you volunteer for a five hour shift, you can get 70% on your items! Cha-ching! (I’ll be volunteering next Friday, come by and say howdy).

Then, you can use your new found money to shop again! But, this ain’t for amateurs…you need a PLAN, people. Take my advice. The first time I went, I was completely not prepared. The event takes place at the Tulsa Fairgrounds and it is freaking gi-normous. I almost had a panic attack…you just can’t believe all the stuff they have. From baby gear to clothes to toys to clothes, you can find ANYTHING. But if you don’t have a plan, then you will wander around aimlessly with drool running down your face and breathing into a paper bag (okay, maybe that’s just me) and end up with stuff you don’t need and you will blow your budget. So write out a list of what you are looking for and stick to it. There are huge signs depicting each area and everything is over the top organized. So to save my ADD sanity, I just stick to the sections on my list and don’t venture anywhere else…or I may never come out alive.

(or, you could get pregnant, get on bedrest, then send your savvy shopper sis-in-law to do your shopping for you…but I don’t recommend that strategy for everyone).

And for those of you mama’s that don’t live in Tulsa…never fear, JBF has over 100 franchises around the nation, so just go to the website www.jbfsale.com. I’m telling ya…it’s worth it.

I gotta run…lots of stuff to price…and lots of shopping to do!

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