Get it In Gear Already!

Kids in Red.jpg (Grandkids at Nanny and DadDad’s house for Christmas)

Ugh, Blah and *Yawn*. Not the best way to start of my New Year’s blog. But I just can’t seem to get in the swing of things this year??

So I took a vacation from blogging. And as in vacay, I don’t mean lying on the beach sipping umbrella drinks while my hubby feeds me grapes…(but hey, I can dream). I mean vacay as in four kids home for two weeks (one of which was sick at all times), manic last minute Christmas shopping (Who, me procrastinate? Surely you jest), late night wrapping marathons, all day cooking sessions (ha! Just checking to see if you were really reading this), packing six people and all our loot for the grandparents (which by the way, took us THREE carloads…we let Nicholas drive a car. ), traveling, light display meltdowns, visiting friends, holiday parties and car wreks, laryngitis, strep throat and a partridge in a pear tree.

Holy Cow, I need a nap just after writing this. So there was no time for blogging (or laundry, or showers, but I’ll spare you the gory details).

And it was Baby J’s first Christmas! Oh what fun and oh what a fuss over someone who isn’t going to remember a darn thing about the day. Or remember any of the millions of gifts she received…why we didn’t just give her wrapping paper and a box is beyond me.

Nicholas, our weapon toting elf, kept us all entertained (well, some of us anyway) with his antics and booby traps. My parents’ house will never be the same as trip wires and blankets covering hundreds of matchbox cars were placed strategically throughout the house for unsuspecting family members just trying to go the bathroom slipped and fell to their demise amid evil giggling boys.

167705_483531949897_678169897_5628452_1964267_n.jpg (the evil elf)

Our oldest was sick the entire time thus began the family argument of whether or not she should go to the Dr. My mom (a self proclaimed doctor and pharmacist) diagnosed Jade with mono. (We went down that road before when my mom thought our two -week old was having intestinal problems – an all night $5K trip to the ER showed just a small tear on Baby J’s rectum…but that’s another story altogether). Needless to say, Shane wasn’t falling for it and Jade remained in bed most of Christmas break (and guess what? She has laryngitis and a sinus infection…but don’t tell my mom).

Tristan and my nephews, Josh and Ryan were pretty much just one big blur of non-stop super heroes. And I mean fast, action fighting, full throttle, non-stop action figures. People, that is a lot of testosterone for one house, let me just tell you. I’m very grateful Baby J is a girl and that’s all I have to say.

162865_479363449897_678169897_5559483_1729442_n.jpg (Santa needs a drink after this bunch)

The week after Christmas was spent dismantling the decorations and putting away the three carloads of loot (and cleaning out closets so we could get the loot inside!). And that pretty much took the entire week. By the time New Year’s Eve arrived it was all I could do to make it through dinner without falling face first into my filet. (And we even had babysitters darn it!).

So my friends, that was how I spent my vacay from blogging. Bear with me – it’s gonna be a rough ride for a while cuz Baby J just started crawling. Like seriously right now – as I’m writing this. And she’s headed for the stairs…gotta run.

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