Fifteen Minutes of Fame (or the Fox23 Fiasco)

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. So maybe I’ll just drink. And yes, it is before noon, but after my morning – I really don’t care.

Today was the first day of my morning show segment on Fox 23. Michelle Linn, the morning anchor has been a fan of my blog for the past several months and asked me to come on air to talk about my crazy life. Talk about some reality television…

Anyway, we go back and forth about whether or not to bring the kiddos on the show with me. My gut said not only no but HELL NO….my four kids on live tv? Seriously??? But at the same time – they are kinda the stars of the blog. So I reluctantly agree. My stomach is in knots.

The morning arrives. Not only do I have to get all four kids ready, but I have to get myself ready as well! Holy Cow, I have to take a shower and put on makeup. This is huge, people. And find an outfit that doesn’t consist of sweats, tennis shoes or lycra.

Of course there is the usual morning drama – Tristan is in tears trying to convince me that there is no school today (“but our teacher said so!”) Nice try buddy. Jade is also trying to convince me that it is warm enough to wear shorts (it’s 32 degrees outside, but pick your battles), Nicholas plunges headfirst down the stairs before we even get in the studio and screams bloody murder and Josie decides she is also going to scream bloody murder unless I hold her at all times.

We are off to a great start. I am so concerned about getting us to the station with all our clothes on, that I haven’t even begun to decide what I am going to talk about. Hmmm, kinda an important detail. Crap.


What was I thinking??

Everyone at Fox23 was so sweet to our family; in spite of the fact that they were behaving like wild banshees who had never been out in public before. Even Baby J started crawling out of the green room and tried to go snooping around the studio before I could say boo.


I wrangle the kids and take them to the set. I have bribed them with donuts if they will behave on camera.


They obviously did not give a hoot about the donuts.


As I tried to talk to Michelle on air – I could barely focus on her questions because out of the corner of my eye, I catch the boys doing dance moves and making faces behind me. My mind is racing – do I scold them on live tv? Do I just ignore them and move on? What did Michelle just ask me? Is it just me or is it getting really, really hot in here? How long is this segment again?

In the midst of the chaos, I look down and Baby J is eating my microphone. AT this point I have lost all control. I have absolutely no idea what is going on. Thank goodness Michelle is such a pro (and also a mom of four!) or I think I would have just walked away…

I walked off the set pretty sure we would never be allowed back on the set (or even in the building for that matter). Boys did not get their donuts.

Our fifteen minutes of fame was over.

When I got home, you can imagine my AMAZEMENT to find a message waiting for me…they loved the segment and want us back next month. I truly am shocked. Like beyond shocked.

I guess I better go get the boys their donuts now…

ANd for those of you who missed it this morning…never fear. The beauty of technology…click below.

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