Enough Already!

So I’m seven and a half weeks (5 hours, 12 minutes but who is counting?) away from my due date. And it really just can’t come soon enough. I am pretty much done with this whole pregnancy thing.

Now, I am VERY grateful for the fact that I am pregnant and I am so excited about having a little girl to add to our already large family…but I’m just not one of those “I adore being pregnant” people. I honestly think there is something wrong with them, or they are just lying.

As I write this, I am on yet another sleepless night as I wrestle with maternity pillows, and make my twice hourly trek to the bathroom, finally get comfortable only to have to get up and go again. ANd how annoying to go to the bathroom, only to have a few little dribbles come out when you feel like your bladder is going to explode. And nighttime seems to be when my darling baby girl decides to start her kickboxing routine…just as I’m drifting off to sleep.

So only averaging a few hours of sleep per night coupled with raging hormones, does not make me the most pleasant person to be around. My poor husband is anxiously awaiting his wife to return (me too – I am scared she will never come back). I think he will be in therapy for a while after this experience. Afterall, we are supposed to be in the “honeymoon” phase right now…(oops, didn’t plan that one very well).

And I have given up looking in the mirror. As much as I’ve worked out and tried to eat well – I have packed on more than my fair share of poundage. I don’t even look at the Dr’s office scale anymore – last time I did it sent me into a tailspin of depression. Being somewhar of a control freak, having your body morph into something completely foreign on it’s own is a bit disconcerting.

And the ITCHING! By the end of the day, I look like I’ve been at war with Wolverine. I’ve tried creams, lotions, oils and even oatmeal baths to no avail. Just another joy of pregnancy. Oh and of course, my sweet baby girl is either up in my lungs or jumping on my bladder – so I am either about to pass out because of lack of oxygen or running to find the nearest bathroom ALL DAY LONG. I can’t decide which is worse.

So how do I feel about Labor and delivery? Bring it on. I am ready. And let the next 7 and a half weeks go by quickly…for both our sakes.

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Official kid wrangler of four. Step mom, adoptive mom & bio mom. City girl turned country bumpkin. Small town girl next door married to Hollywood sniper/moto-cross/ninja architect. Career girl turned stay-at-home mom with baby on hip. Permanent taxi-cab driver, schedule organizer and professional laundress. (When not chasing kids...) Mommy blogger, columnist, travel writer and consultant. And no, I don't sleep. And yes, I take Prozac. And drink wine from sippy cups.

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