Bed Rest. Enough Said.

Not sure how this post will go, since I must say my last week has been pretty uneventful (unless you all want to hear the latest updates on Law and Order SVU).

I will say this is the longest I have ever gone staying cooped up in the house. And desperately hope it is the last. And this is the longest I’ve ever worn sweats…for two weeks straight now. But at least I vary them a little bit. I have three pair that I can still fit into and I rotate them so Shane doesn’t get so sick of seeing his beached whale of a wife in the same nasty sweats day after day. You know, it’s the little things…

And believe it or not, I have managed to take a shower every day. And put on makeup, just in case the UPS man or Avon lady stops by. I try to structure each day so I spend half of it in bed and half of it on the couch, so I can vary the scenery a bit. I think my favorite is our couch, because I can look outside to our backyard and see our pond and the woods. However, the bed is definitely more comfortable, but it makes me feel even more of a slug than I already am.

I have had a few exciting days though… last Tuesday, I got to get out of the house to go to the Doctor…never before have I been so excited for a medical appointment, just so I could get out of the house. I actually washed and styled my hair, shaved my legs and put on my best pair of sweats for the occasion. I was looking good for a nine-month pre-eclamptic swollen pregnant lady who had been on bed rest. But obviously not good enough – because next thing you know, he is sending me back to the hospital. Seriously? My little girl hasn’t even arrived yet, and I’m already getting paybacks (my father thinks this is quite amusing).

So my doctor, who doesn’t believe in inducing by the way, decides this baby and her mama has given him enough fits. After a few hours in the hospital, contracting, but not dilating (again), he decides enough is enough. Halleluiah, he is going to induce at 38 weeks! Which is four days from now! I was so excited to hear those words I almost kissed him right there in front of my husband. Actually, my husband wanted to kiss him as well.

So I’m back at home, still on bed rest, but now with an end in sight. I still have so much to do and I am completely reliant on others at this point. And for this independent on-the-go woman – it sucks – for lack of a better term. I can’t even pick up a gallon of milk at the store or sweep my kitchen floor. It is beyond frustrating and humbling to all of a sudden have your independence taken away.

But somehow I have the feeling that over the next few months, I will be wishing for someone to put me back on bed rest. Yes, the word malcontent comes to mind. But in the meantime, I’ve got four more days until my third and hopefully last trip to Labor and Delivery. Third time’s a charm, right?

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Official kid wrangler of four. Step mom, adoptive mom & bio mom. City girl turned country bumpkin. Small town girl next door married to Hollywood sniper/moto-cross/ninja architect. Career girl turned stay-at-home mom with baby on hip. Permanent taxi-cab driver, schedule organizer and professional laundress. (When not chasing kids...) Mommy blogger, columnist, travel writer and consultant. And no, I don't sleep. And yes, I take Prozac. And drink wine from sippy cups.

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