Are You Freaking Kidding Me? Or Update on Baby Josie Part II

Bags are packed. House is clean, laundry is finished, dogs are at the groomer and the nursery is almost complete. Thank you notes are written and baby clothes are washed and hung. We’ve reworked our schedule with the kiddos (no easy task mind you), and Shane has rearranged his work schedule (he has shuffled, rescheduled and canceled over 30 meetings) and we are off to the hospital to meet our sweet new bundle of joy who has kept us on a roller coaster for the past four weeks. Friends and family have been notified, are taking off work and making plans to come to the hospital. Yet once again, Miss Josie has her own plans… looks like the ride isn’t over quite yet.

Seriously? Are you kidding? Along with a few choice explicatives – I broke down in front of my doctor today. I’ve been doing SO well on bed rest (damn it all, I knew I should have run up those stairs today), that all my preeclampsia symptoms have all but disappeared. I know most people should be excited about this news, but I was devastated…as I knew what was coming…he was not going to induce tomorrow.

Not only had we juggled our schedule along with about 50 others, but I had mentally prepared myself to have this baby tomorrow. Not next week, not in two weeks, but TOMORROW. And when you are nine months pregnant on bed rest, one day feels like a month and one week seems like a year. Especially when it takes three people to hoist you off the couch.

So after I cried and cursed my doctor (I really do think he is awesome even though he has totally screwed up our schedules…) we discussed what to do next. Apparently, there is something magical that happens between week 38 to week 39 and while he doesn’t feel comfortable inducing this week unless it’s medically necessary, he has no problem with inducing next week. Have no clue what that is, I was too busy crying to listen.

After I made him pinky swear that he would not pull the rug from under me again – Miss Josie will be making her debut sometime on March 9th. Shane and I have spent the day rearranging our lives (as well as our exes and their lives) once again. You would think after all of this I would have learned my lesson that I am no longer in control…but I guess I’m a little slow.

We are wondering if this roller coaster Miss Josie is causing will be indicative of her personality. If this is the case – then I’m a little scared. So is Shane.

Unless Josie throws us a curve ball… hopefully my next posting will be from Labor and Delivery. We will just have to see about that.

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