And Ghost Makes Seven…

And the Ghost Makes Seven

Submitted by MarnieFernandez on November 24, 2010 – 7:46am

Friendly or not – I am not a huge fan of the extra presence in our house. Heck, we barely have room for the six of us. Honestly, I’m still not quite sure if I believe in the supernatural…but I will tell you this…I have witnessed some freaky occurrences in our house that I absolutely cannot explain.

As I am writing this, the kids toilet just flushed all by itself. And unless Baby J learned how to walk and go potty in the past hour…Yes, I am freaked out because we are the only two here, besides the dogs, and they don’t have opposable thumbs.

Before Nicholas and I moved to Camp Tough Love (our compound in the country), Shane told me the house was haunted. Apparently, the previous owner’s wife fell down the basement steps and died in our house. For those of you that know Shane, then you all know to take statements like these with a grain of salt…(or two or three). Of course, he assured me, the ghost is friendly. Oh, well, then that makes everything okay…and then I didn’t think anything else about it.

Then weird things started happening. And I can’t even blame them on Shane’s prankster ways because half of the time he hasn’t even been home.

The first time I realized that he might not be full of it (my hubby that is), when Nicholas and I were home by ourselves…and I heard the piano playing. I just assumed it was my then four-year old entertaining himself until I heard him call me from another room. NOT KIDDING. I packed up Nicholas and we high tailed it out of there while I am calling my hubby hysterically swearing we are moving back to midtown THAT DAY. My friends tried to offer all kinds of explanations, like maybe a mouse ran across the keyboard? Hmmm…. I don’t know what would be worse…paranormal activity or invasion of rodents. That one is a toss up.

After some drugs (kidding), I finally calmed down and have gotten somewhat used to the strange incidents. TV’s going on and off intermittently, pictures moving on the wall, toilet paper roll unrolling by itself (my best friend witnessed that one as she ran screaming out of the bathroom).

So what do the kiddos think of our houseguest? Our oldest, Jade, uses our ghost as a badge of honor…regaling tales of the supernatural to whoever will listen. As long as the ghost doesn’t interfere with Tristan’s video games, he is pretty much indifferent. And Nicholas, well, he is a little obsessed. He asks incessant questions and goes between thinking it is the coolest thing ever to not wanting to walk in a room without a full family escort. (We may be paying for therapy for this later.).

Shane of course thinks it is awesome. I on the other hand hope this doesn’t affect our resale value, as living at Camp Tough Love was not on my long-term list. (Do you have to disclose if your house is haunted?)

And as I finish this post, I walked into the kitchen to find a picture on the wall hanging completely upside down.

I guess our ghost doesn’t like publicity. Slumber party anyone?

IMG_2244.JPG The picture that mysteriously turned upside down.

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